Tie-Down Roping Bubble Watch: Aug 24

As the clock starts to wind down on this season, the contestants in the Tie-Down Roping are not wasting any time trying to secure a spot in the Top 15.

Luke Potter holds the No. 15 spot with $88,626 in earnings and only a $600 lead over Michael Otero who is definitely not looking to settle in to that No. 16 spot any time soon.

Tuf Cooper is currently No. 19 with $75,887 in earnings and does not appear to be giving up the fight to make his 15th appearance in Las Vegas this year. After his most recent win in Round 1 of the Horse Heaven Roundup Rodeo, he is ready to hit the road for the final stretch of the season.

As these contestants continue to battle it out, the separation between each spot is not large enough to put anyone out of the running for a trip to the NFR just yet.