The Resistol Rookie Races are Heating Up

The 2022 Resistol Rookie standings have a couple of tough battles going on for the top spot right now.

The bareback riding’s No. 1 man is Rocker Steiner. He has ahold of that top spot by more than $21,000 however, he is now out with an injury but it came at a convenient time, he plans to be healthy and back at it in time for Reno Rodeo. Waylon Bourgeois sits No. 2 and Bodee Lammers is No. 3 but it is still anybody’s game this year.

The race is tight in the saddle bronc riding. Lucas Macza is currently at the top but Australian, Damian Brennan is only $34 behind him. Kody Rinehart is in the No. 3 spot and he has had a lot of success come his way recently and climbed the rookie standings. Saddle bronc is one to keep an eye on.

The top two cowboys in the bull riding just happen to be traveling partners and having outstanding rookie years. Bubba Greig and Lukasey Morris are in the lead, each with over $40,000 to their name so far. Greig is No. 1 and Morris is No. 2 and it continues to go back and forth consistently, they both stay unstoppable. Jack Gilmore, Cole Hould and Wade Berg round out the top five in the bull riding rookie standings.

On the timed event side, Riley Webb and Trevor Hale have competed against each other before and they are not stopping now that they are on the professional road. Webb holds the No. 1 position by just over $1,000 with Hale coming up a close second. Both cowboys are loaded with the horsepower and talent, it will be interesting to see how the summer run goes for them.

Adam Musil has over a $4,000 lead in the steer wrestling. He got an early lead when he won over $6,000 at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver. Joshua Hefner, Kyler Dick, Gus Franzen and Ryan Nettle are the four cowboys that make up the top five.

We have the San Angelo Rodeo coming up to end the winter run. The summer run is coming up quick and the Resistol Rookie standings will be shuffling.