The American Rodeo Field

American Athletes


Name: Qualification:
Clayton Biglow NFR Top 10
Orin Larsen NFR Top 10
Tim O’Connell NFR Top 10
Richmond Champion NFR Top 10
Tilden Hooper NFR Top 10
Kaycee Feild NFR Top 10
Caleb Bennett NFR Top 10
Tanner Aus NFR Top 10
Clint Laye NFR Top 10
Trenton Mortero NFR Top 10
Logan Patterson Semi-Final Qualifier
Wyatt Bloom Semi-Final Qualifier
Chad Rutherford Semi-Final Qualifier
Chance Ames Semi-Final Qualifier
Kody Lamb Semi-Final Qualifier
Anthony Barrington Semi-Final Qualifier

Steer Wrestling:

Name: Qualification:
Ty Erickson NFR Top 10
Will Lummus NFR Top 10
Stetson Jorgensen NFR Top 10
Tyler Pearson NFR Top 10
J.D. Struxness NFR Top 10
Matt Reeves NFR Top 10
Tyler Waguespack NFR Top 10
Dakota Eldridge NFR Top 10
Riley Duvall NFR Top 10
Hunter Cure NFR Top 10
Rowdy Parrott Semi-Final Qualifier
Bridger Anderson Semi-Final Qualifier
Richard Coats Semi-Final Qualifier
Wynn Schaack Semi-Final Qualifier
Justin Shaffer Semi-Final Qualifier
Josh Clark Semi-Final Qualifier

Saddle Bronc:

Name: Qualification:
Zeke Thurston NFR Top 10
Brody Cress NFR Top 10
Ryder Wright NFR Top 10
Spencer Wright NFR Top 10
Rusty Wright NFR Top 10
Jake Watson NFR Top 10
Dawson Hay NFR Top 10
Chase Brooks NFR Top 10
Jacobs Crawley NFR Top 10
Sterling Crawley NFR Top 10
Wyatt Casper Semi-Final Qualifier
Kole Ashbacher Semi-Final Qualifier
Cole Elshere Semi-Final Qualifier
Kolby Wanchuk Semi-Final Qualifier
Riggin Smith Semi-Final Qualifier
CoBurn Bradshaw Semi-Final Qualifier

Team Roping:

Names: Qualification:
Clay Smith & Jade Corkill NFR Top 10
Cody Snow & Wesley Thorp NFR Top 10
Kaleb Driggers & Junior Nogueira NFR Top 10
Brenton Hall & Chase Tryan NFR Top 10
Riley Minor & Brady Minor NFR Top 10
Chad Masters & Joseph Harrison NFR Top 10
Luke Brown & Paul Eaves NFR Top 10
Coleman Proctor & Ryan Motes NFR Top 10
Tate Kirchenschlager & Kyle Lockett NFR Top 10
Clay Tryan & Jake Long NFR Top 10
Nelson Wyatt & Logan Medlin Semi-Final Qualifier
Clint Summers & Ross Ashford Semi-Final Qualifier
Colby Lovell & Jared Fillmore Semi-Final Qualifier
Manny Egusquiza & York Gill Semi-Final Qualifier
Charly Crawford & Logan Medlin Semi-Final Qualifier
Jeff Flenniken & Tyler Worley Semi-Final Qualifier

Tie-Down Roping:

Name: Qualification:
Haven Meged NFR Top 10
Shance Hanchey NFR Top 10
Tyson Durfey NFR Top 10
Riley Pruitt NFR Top 10
Marty Yates NFR Top 10
Tuf Cooper NFR Top 10
Caleb Smidt NFR Top 10
Tyler Milligan NFR Top 10
Ty Harris NFR Top 10
Taylor Santos NFR Top 10
Shad Mayfield Semi-Final Qualifier
Caddo Lewallen Semi-Final Qualifier
Blake Ash Semi-Final Qualifier
Cimarron Boardman Semi-Final Qualifier
John Douch Semi-Final Qualifier
Riley Webb Semi-Final Qualifier

Barrel Racing:

Name: Qualification:
Hailey Lockwood NFR Top 10
Ivy Conrado-Saebens NFR Top 10
Emily Miller NFR Top 10
Lisa Lockhart NFR Top 10
Nellie Miller NFR Top 10
Amberleigh Moore NFR Top 10
Dona Kay Rule NFR Top 10
Jessica Routier NFR Top 10
Shali Lord NFR Top 10
Stevi Hillman NFR Top 10
Randee Prindle Semi-Final Qualifier
Kassie Mowry Semi-Final Qualifier
Sabra O’Quinn Semi-Final Qualifier
Haley Wolfe Semi-Final Qualifier
Wenda Johnson Semi-Final Qualifier
Brandon Cullins Semi-Final Qualifier
Brittany Tonozzi Semi-Final Qualifier
Sherry Cervi Semi-Final Qualifier
Kacey Gartner Semi-Final Qualifier
Claire Sechelski Semi-Final Qualifier


Name: Qualification:
Madison Outhier Semi-Final Qualifier
Jackie Crawford Semi-Final Qualifier
Kelsie Chace Semi-Final Qualifier
Taylor Munsell Semi-Final Qualifier
Rachel Shirley Semi-Final Qualifier
Kaycee Hollingtack Semi-Final Qualifier
Mia Manzaners Semi-Final Qualifier
Jordan Minor Semi-Final Qualifier
Tiada Gray Semi-Final Qualifier
Katie White Semi-Final Qualifier
Abby Medlin Semi-Final Qualifier
Jacquelyn Peterson Semi-Final Qualifier
Jana Wiedman Semi-Final Qualifier
Samantha Jorgensen Semi-Final Qualifier
Lindsey Kraus Semi-Final Qualifier
Ashley Moreau Semi-Final Qualifier

Bull Riding:

Name: Qualification:
Sage Kimzey NFR Top 10
Boudreaux Campbell NFR Top 10
Stetson Wright NFR Top 10
Tyler Bingham NFR Top 10
Jordan Hansen NFR Top 10
Jordan Spears NFR Top 10
Trevor Kastner NFR Top 10
Trey Benton III NFR Top 10
Daylon Swearingen NFR Top 10
Garrett Smith NFR Top 10
Derek Kolbaba Semi-Final Qualifier
Claudio Montanha Jr. Semi-Final Qualifier
Joao Ricardo Vieira Semi-Final Qualifier
Cole Melancon Semi-Final Qualifier
Brennon Eldred Semi-Final Qualifier
Daniel Keeping Semi-Final Qualifier
Meet the NFR Athletes is Presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athlete is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths