Texas Tour Rewind: 10 Things You Should Know About PRCA Bull Riding So Far



We are entering the summer days of the rodeo season and the NFR picture is becoming slightly more clear. Here are 10 things you need to know about the Bull Riding race.

1. Three Horse Race?

We know how much money you can earn at the NFR, and in a sport like Bull Riding, injury is always a possibility, but right now it is looking like a three-man race heading into the summer. Stetson Wright ($128,989), Josh Frost ($97,409), and Sage Kimzey ($89,375) have separated themselves from the rest of the field thanks to big wins. Roscoe Jarboe is in fourth place but is $35,000 behind Sage Kimzey for third place.

Josh Frost has done it through consistency rather than one massive win. Frost has earned 11 checks over $2,500 on the year.

Sage Kimzey can thank the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo to thank for his current spot in the standings. He earned $54,000 combined at the two rodeos.

Stetson Wright has been consistently winning the top rodeos, as he has 12 go-round wins.

2. Stetson Wright is Riding Better Than Ever

It’s Stetson Wright’s world and we are living in it. On the year Stetson has already amassed 12 Go Round wins and has EIGHT rides of over 90 points. To compare, Wright has had 19 such rides in his career before this season.

Wright is averaging 86 points per qualified ride but has been better than that as of late. In his last 10 qualified rides, Wright is averaging 88.75 points per ride. Over those 10 bulls, Wright took home over $83,000.

3. Ky Hamilton is Back from Injury and Ready to go on a Run

Ky Hamilton suffered a lacerated kidney in early March at the PBR Gold Cup. That injury held him out of competition for a little over a month, but no Hamilton is back and ready to go on a run.

At one point, Hamilton had dropped to the mid-40s in the World Standings, but since his return, he has jumped to number 13 in the world. Look for Hamilton, who has finished inside the top-8 in the World Standings each of the last two years to continue his run.

4. 19-Year-Olds Making a Name for Themselves

A duo of 19-year-olds find themselves inside the top-15 and could be a sign of things to come in Bull Riding. Lukasey Morris and JR Stratford have had phenomenal starts to their young careers and both are looking for their first NFR appearance.

Lukasey is currently in seventh place in the world with over $43,000 in earnings on the year. It is clear years of Bull Riding haven’t worn down his body as he has gotten on 57 bulls this season, second to only Josh Frost. Morris may not have a big win yet on the season, but if he is able to continue to ride every week he will have a great chance at an NFR appearance.

JR Stratford is doing it much differently than Morris. Stratford has just 28 outs and 14 qualified rides, but when he does ride, he goes big. On the season Stratford is averaging 85.57 points per ride and he has already won 8 Go Rounds including winning the rodeo in Red Bluff last weekend.

5. How Different will the Top-15 Look Come July?

Life on the bubble is always stressful, but this season is shaping up to have as many Bull Riders in contention for that 15th spot as we have seen. Right now, Jordan Hansen has earned $32,359 on the season which is just $10,000 ahead of 30th place in the World Standings. With that being said, Hansen is also just $10,000 behind JR Stratford in 11th place.

Don’t be surprised if the top-15, and more specifically 10-15 look completely different in a month or two.

6. Sage Kimzey and Family Enjoy Easter

We at the Cowboy Channel hope you had a wonderful Easter, and it appears Sage Kimzey and his family enjoyed theirs. Take a look at Steele Kimzey, now three months old enjoying the day.

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7. Stetson Wright Invitational Announced

This week Stetson Wright announced the Stetson Wright Invitational Presented by The Cowboy Channel on May 14th at 8:00 pm.

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8. The Cowboy Channel Rookie Roundup Bull Riding Field Announced

The full field for the inaugural Cowboy Channel Rookie Roundup has been announced and tickets are now on sale. The rodeo features 15 rookies in each event competing for their spot in the eight-man round between Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30

9. Laramie Mosley on the Comeback Trail

Laramie Mosley was on his way to his first career NFR before a freak accident ended his season, but could have been so much worse. Mosley was bucked off of a bull and when he landed he shattered his C5, C6, and C7 vertebrae. After having surgery Mosley is now on the comeback trail and currently is in 44th place in the world. For more on Mosley’s comeback click here.

10. Full Standings After Texas Tour

Here is a full breakdown of the top-20 in the World Standings after the Texas Tour

Professional rodeo action consists of two types of competitions - roughstock events and timed events - and an all-around cowboy crown.

Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is Presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes are Presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athlete is presented by Montana Silversmiths