Team Roper Paden Bray Talks Injury and the Bubble

Erich Rogers and Paden Bray are not a team we are used to seeing on the bubble but this year, they sit just outside the Top 15.

Bray suffered a hand injury in the practice pen that they call a boxing fracture. He had four pins put in his hand and he had them taken out a week early for him to be able to rope in Reno. They had a slow winter and had to miss out on the California run so the team hasn’t hit a roll this year like they normally do.

“I mean, there’s no soap box for cowboys. I took two months off because I had to not because I wanted to… it’s just part of the game. It didn’t feel very good… I just tried to tough it out,” Bray said.

Although he had to miss college finals, Bray came back at Reno and he has been going when he can and Roger’s is sticking with him.

Bray keeps focused on the bigger picture and there is one week left for Rogers and Bray to hustle into the Top 15.