Taylor and Shane Hanchey Discuss Their Goals for 2022

Last year, Taylor Hanchey made the NFR in breakaway roping and Shane Hanchey qualified for his 12th NFR in tie-down roping.

When discussing their goals on Western Sports Round-Up earlier this week, both said the plan was to be back in Vegas.

“It’s the same goal for me, I’d like to make the National Finals and be in contention on the last day for a Gold Buckle, that’s all I can ask for,” Shane said.

In 2021, Taylor became the first woman to qualify for the NFR in breakaway roping and barrel racing. She says many people forget she was at the NFR in the barrels in 2013 and 2015 because she competed as Taylor Jacob before she and Shane were married.

“Current goal, I want to be able to go and to compete in both events and be competitive in both the barrel race and the breakaway,” Taylor said. “So, I want to go (to the NFR) and have two chances.”

You can watch the full interview with the Hancheys here.