Stetson Wright continues to separate himself from the field in Bull Riding, and now, with the season-ending injury to Sage Kimzey, he has one less threat to another Bull Riding World Title. Here is a look at the current top 20 in the PRCA World Standings according to

1. Stetson Wright, $234,928

Simply put, Stetson Wright has been the best in the world for most of the season. He currently has a massive lead over Josh Frost who is in second place. Recently, Wright has won the Red Desert Roundup with a 93-point ride and the Famous Preston Night Rodeo with an 83.5-point ride. Wright is riding nearly 60% of his bulls on the season and is averaging a monstrous 87 points per qualified ride on the year, by far the highest of his career.

2. Josh Frost, $180,174

Josh Frost, like Stetson Wright, has separated himself from the rest of the field with his $180,000 in season earnings. Frost had a great showing at the Cheyenne Frontier Days, earning more than any Bull Rider with an $18,332 rodeo. Frost backed up his performance in Cheyenne with an 89.5-point ride at the Lea County Xtreme Bulls which got him the win. He also currently leads the Lea County rodeo with an 89-point ride.

3. Jeff Askey, $136,435 

Jeff Askey has earned more than $25,000 since the last week of July, highlighted by a win at the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo where he won over $3,000. Askey followed that up with a great showing at the Lea County Xtreme Bulls where he won the first round with an 88.5-point ride and placed second in the finals with an 89.5-point ride. In total, Askey made over $10,000 at the rodeo.

4. Sage Kimzey, $115,633

Kimzey will be out the remainder of the season due to injury and is looking to get back to the top in 2023.

5. Garrett Smith, $112,948

Garrett Smith entered the hottest stretch of his season beginning at the Cheyenne Frontier Days. He placed second in the Semifinals at Cheyenne with an 89.5-point ride and followed that up with a 90-point ride in the finals that won him a second-place finish. The rides won Smith over $15,000 in total. Smith followed that up with a win at the Famous Preston Night Rodeo which earned him $3,513. Smith wasn't done,  as he earned another $8,505 at the Lea County Xtreme Bulls.

6. Trey Kimzey, $90,185

Even with Sage out for the year, it looks like there will be a Kimzey in Las Vegas this December after all. Trey is having a career year and is on track to make his second-career NFR. Kimzey won a round in Cheyenne and placed fourth in Mitchell, NE over the last week.

7. JR Stratford, $88,797

Stratford had a nice first weekend of August winning the Cowley County Rodeo and the Jayhawker Roundup with an 88-point ride and a 90-point ride respectively.

8. Maverick Potter, $88,212

Potter has jumped two spots in the last two weeks thanks to taking second place in a round at California Rodeo Salinas and a fourth-place finish at the Deadwood Days of '76 Rodeo.

9. Roscoe Jarboe, $78,449

Jarboe has not ridden since late June but still sits comfortably inside the top 15.

10. Lukasey Morris, $78,232

Like Jarboe, it has been over a month since Lukasey Morris has competed at a rodeo.

11. Creek Young, $77,101

Creek Young has struggled of late, earning just over $2,000 in his last ten rides. Young is looking to make his second career NFR after finishing fifth in the world in 2021.

12. Ky Hamilton, $71,300

Hamilton has been flying up the leaderboard in recent weeks. Back on July 20th, Hamilton was number 16 in the world, but thanks to a win at the Snake River Stampede and a round win in Cheyenne he has jumped four spots and has a great chance to keep climbing.

13. Trevor Kastner, $69,314

Trevor Kastner is the biggest mover of the week thanks to a massive win at the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Xtreme Bulls where he went 86 points and won over $22,000.

14. Trey Holston, $66,885

Holston continued a solid season with a second-place finish in Deadwood which earned him over $3,500. He followed that up with another second-place finish at the Sheridan County Fair and Rodeo after an 85.5-point ride.

15. Jared Parsonage, $66,764

Parsonage has failed to earn a substantial check since his great showing at the Calgary Stampede.

16. Brady Portenier, $63,683

Portenier jumped inside the top 20 after a strong showing in Cheyenne. He placed third in the Semifinals and took the final round with a 92.5-point ride. In total, he won over $15,000.

17. Tristen Hutchings, $63,580

Hutchings placed third in the semifinals in Cheyenne with an 86-point ride to win just over $1,200. He has jumped two spots since July 20th in the World Standings.

18. Ernie Courson, $62,803

Courson had a strong weekend with a win at the Aulick Industries Champions Challenge where he went 86.5 points and earned just under $4,000. He followed that up with a third-place finish in round one of the Dodge City Roundup to earn another $3,500.

19. Reid Oftedahl, $62,254

Oftedahl hasn't earned a check over $1,000 since the California Rodeo Salinas "Big Weekend of Bull Riding" where he won over $3,000 on July 20.

20. Trevor Reiste, $57,850

Reiste placed second in the opening round of the Cheyenne Frontier Days and won $2,541. He has not earned a check in his six rides since.