The PBR World Finals is bringing along great events during their time in Fort Worth and among those events is the United States Team Penning Association’s Elite Team Penning World Finals and the ABBI Bull Bash.

Cody Wood is the Executive Director of the USTPA and starting this weekend, the collaboration between the USTPA and the ABBI is on. During the USTPA Elite World Finals Top 20, they will also buck the top 40 derby bulls in the ABBI.

“We’re going to basically buck 20 ABBI three-year-olds and then we’ll have our top 20 championship round of the USTPA Elite Team Penning World Finals and then 20- more bulls. So it should be jam packed, great action and one heck of a time,” Wood said.

Wood grew up around bucking bulls and he said that it is such a natural fit to combine with the team penning events to grow. Team penning has been steadily growing at a rate of 25% a year and you will see over 1,000 teams competing in Fort Worth. They will also have 70 different events throughout the US, Canada and Italy.

It all kicks off on May 15 in Fort Worth, Texas at Will Rogers Coliseum.