Emily Beisel and Chongo have become a household name ad fan favorites in the barrel racing. On their first night running at AT&T Center, they stopped the clock at a 14.03 to get the win. To make the win even better, Beisel’s husband didn’t just get her roses to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Chongo got some as well.

“It’s so special, I’m pretty blessed. Austin is as supportive as they get and to have a horse like Chongo, it was really thoughtful, put me in a good state of mind. We were ready to come down here and make a run,” Beisel said.


With the ground crew keeping up the ground in San Antonio, Beisel said Chongo could go in, do his thing and it held up. Even with a bump at the first barrel, Beisel and Chongo kept their momentum and it paid off.

Adding to their earnings in San Antonio with Beisel were Lacinda Rose, Paige Morgan and Shelley Morgan.