Laramie Mosley is the number five bull rider in the world with more than $48,000 in season earnings. Cowboy Channel reporter Katy Lucas caught up with Mosley to talk about the success he has had this season, which Mosley credits to one thing.

"Healthy, I'm just healthy and able to go and just able to stay with these guys."

Mosley was sidelined with a shoulder injury last season, but when he returned he was competing with the best.

"I had a bad shoulder last year and had surgery on it and got it fixed. I took six months out came back and was firing on all cylinders. This year I am just trying to work out a bit more and try to actually take care of my body for once instead of thinking I am invincible."

The 25-year-old is well on his way to his first career NFR, which he says would be a huge moment in his life.

"It would mean the world to me, I have worked for this since I was a little kid and it has always been a big goal and a big dream. It would dang sure mean the world to me."