Five-time NFR qualifier Joe Frost, 28, has not been doing much bull riding over the last year and on Tuesday, he officially retired from the sport due to blood clots in his leg. 

Frost has dealt with blood clots before in 2008 and 2016, and his most recent bout began after he broke his leg twice in a three-month span in 2019.

After the second break, which came at the PBR Finals in 2019, Frost could not even move his toes without screaming in pain. Not being able to move his toes is what caused the blood clots, he told Kendra Santos.

“This hasn’t been a fun decision,” Frost said in an article on Santos' Facebook page. “I knew the answer, I just wasn’t excited about it. But riding bulls is risky enough without being on blood thinners. And I need to be on them indefinitely. My biggest goal in life is to be a good husband and father. My bull riding chapter has to close, but I’m really excited about what’s next in my life, too.”

Frost was the PRCA Reserve World Champion in 2014 and Ram National Circuit Finals Champion in 2015. He was also a PBR World Finalist, Linderman Award Winner and National High School Champion.

Frost will now focus on being a father and husband as well as raising 150 head of cattle and training stock dogs.

“My career was cut short. But I got to meet a lot of great people, and I made lifelong friends," he said. "Getting to see everybody is what I’m already missing most about rodeoing.”