Bullfighter Ross Hill AKA Slamma has passed away at the age of 37 years old. 

The champion bullfighter was killed near his Alabama home on March 20 after a side-by-side ATV overturned while he was trying to get a friend unstuck.

Bullfighters Only social media posted a touching tribute to the man that produced one of the most impressive moments after pulling his cell phone out and performing his famous "selfie-fake" move. 

The tribute, by Weston Rutkowski, said, "Slamma, Not many know this, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I showed up in 2013 with a stupid hat and no friends in the locker room and you were the first to tell me come dress out with you. You made fun of my hat but I could tell it was genuine. I was in awe that you, a legend of the sport, would let me dress out with you but I jumped on it. I learned what it took to be at the top of the game that very same weekend. You were also the first to call me out in the biggest moment what wasn’t even a career yet...I love you and will miss you, my prayers to your family in this time and the bullfighting world. Rest Easy Slama, because you will never be forgotten."

 Ross Hill Tribute, Southeastern Stock Exposition and Rodeo