Glenn Jackson lives in Northeast Oklahoma where he has qualified three times for the Prairie Circuit Finals in the tie-down roping, but in 2017, he became more than a cowboy. 

He was asked to be a stunt double for a film called Chickasaw Rancher, which was based on the ranching empire of Montford T. Johnson in the 19th Century. While working on that movie, he doubled for an actor named Denim Richards. 

Fast-forward to 2018 andYellowstone had taken off and Richards was working on the show playing the role of Colby. He needed a stunt double and he remembered Jackson from the year. 

Jackson says he is now just doing everyday cowboy stuff on the big screen.

As for his rodeo career, he is going to rope for as long as he can and see if he can make a few more Circuit Finals between his stints shooting Yellowstone.