Reigning World Champion Barrel Racer Hailey turned pro in 2015. She and her incomparable horse Sister took rodeo by storm in 2017, winning their first RFD-TV American. They qualified for their first NFR that same year, and the following Sister won the Women's Professional Rodeo Association/American Quarter Horse Association (WPRA/AQHA) Barrel Racing Horse of the Year Award. They’ve been dominating ever since.

Just last week while competing in Dodge City, the dynamic duo turned in the fastest time of the rodeo, as well as the fastest time on a standard pattern – ever. They set a new WPRA record with a time of 16.63 seconds.

In her Facebook post the following day, Kinsel wrote: 

Can’t quite wrap my mind around this one. I made a pretty big bobble in the first round at Dodge City and knew we had to be pretty fast to make it back. Drew up last on the ground in my second round but the game plan couldn’t change. Sister not only gave me spot in the finals but ran what is unofficially the fastest time ever on a standard pattern at a WPRA rodeo, 16.63. Definitely one of the coolest nights of my career so far. I’m overwhelmed by everybody’s support, God’s blessings and this amazing mare’s ability and try. Even with a gnarly stumble last night in the short we finished up 2nd in the average. Congrats Bryanna on your outstanding performance and win!! Thank you to those who support us and keep Sister feeling her best so she can go do stuff like this... #justgonnasendit #thankyouJesus thank you to this committee for the great ground and for working so hard to have your rodeo, we are grateful!