Ryan Winget, affectionately known as Rhino, is every steer wrestlers favorite guy to have in the rig. 

Starting out traveling with his cousin Jule Hazen in 2013, Ryan has now been on the road with the likes of Bridger Anderson, Bridger Chambers, Matt Reeves, Stockton Graves, and Hunter Cure. "Anybody that's ever let me jump in, I basically just went with them," Ryan says. 

"The one thing I love about Rhino is you won't find a person who is a, more positive, or b, more of a team player," says 2X World Champion Cure. 

He impressed Stockton Graves so much that, as the rodeo coach at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, he recommended Ryan for a rodeo scholarship. At Northwestern, Ryan rodeoed and served as Graves' assistant, coaching and keeping the athletes in line. "He was great for the program," Graves said. "He's had to overcome a lot in life, and he does it in stride." 

Ryan has certain physical limitations that have kept him from his own PRCA career, but that hasn't stopped him from living the rodeo lifestyle. He travels the circuit with steer wrestlers and calf ropers, helping out where needed, whether that means warming up the horses or carrying water buckets. 

I may not walk the best, but I dang sure don't let it slow me down," Winget says. "That's what I try to show these guys  — no matter what we get done, we can always load up and go to the next one and do it again."