Better Barrel Races (BBR) has been hosting a virtual photo contest over the last several weeks. It's been an absolute hit within the barrel racing social media communities, with hundreds of barrel racers sharing their favorite images and flooding our timelines. 

Marc Orman, BBR's social media manager, was the brains behind this idea. 

"I was looking for something that would engage our followers and keep them coming to our Facebook page," Orman said. "I thought people would enjoy posting their pics and would enjoy looking at everyone's pics."

With 641 people submitting photos, each person sending anywhere from four to 12 pictures, selecting winners was time consuming, but worth every effort. 

"It took a long time to go through all of the pictures and pick winners," he said. "I tried to pick several winners in parts of the country where BBR is not that strong to get BBR gear on people in those areas so people see them at their local races." 

The winners from the BBR Barrel Picture Contest are:

Tyler Jeffery - Alabama

Tyler Jeffrey


David Thomas - Texas 

David Thomas


Douglass Griffiths - Pennsylvania

Douglass Griffiths


Rebecca Hallowell - Georgia

Rebecca Hallowell


Kelly Robertson - Arizona 

Kelly Robertson


Angie Christiansen Ballard - Oregon

Angie Christiansen Ballard


Denise Alexander - Arkansas

Denise Alexander


Nate Skaggs - Indiana 

Nate Skaggs


Christy Lewis - Arkansas Winner of the "Oldest Picture from the BBR World Finals"

Christy Lewis