We've rounded up ten of our favorite podcasts for all of you who love rodeo, horses, cowboy culture, and the West as much as we do.


Justin C. Rumford and Josh Hambone Hilton bring rodeo fans a no B.S. look inside the sport of rodeo with a first of it's kind Rodeo-Comedy podcast. *Recently the guys did a live-for-TV RumpChat on a special edition of Western Sports Round-Up. Search RumpChat to see clips from the show with special guest Tilden Hooper!


Media personality and syndicated talk show host Pepper Stewart describes his podcast as ranch, rodeo, and randomness. Here you will get more real talk unfiltered. 


Hosted by The Team Roping Journal editors Chelsea Shaffer and Kaitlin Gustave, this show features conversations with top team ropers. It’s the best place to keep up with all things team.


Dale Brisby is the expert on all things rodeo, ranching, and pretty much everything — just ask him. On his podcast, Dale and his hilarious crew invite rodeo athletes and entertainers to join them in studio to talk about, well, anything they want.


A podcast dedicated to the sport of rodeo designed to help rodeo committees, stock contractors, rodeo athletes and contract personnel take the sport and careers to the ultimate level.


This is a Canadian-based performance horse podcast hosted by Stephanie Hawryluk, Nadine Tkachuk, Stephanie Warkentin, who’s motto is: Get Rich or Ride Tryin.’


Follow along to hear the best team ropers and horsemen in the industry discuss their life story and how they became successful.


The Earn Your Spurs podcast is a resource for anyone who has ever thought, boy, "I shoulda' been a cowboy." The show features interviews with host Alyssa Barnes and cowboys, cowgirls, authors, horsemen and other inspiring characters who are in love with the Western lifestyle.


Joining other rodeo and bull riding fans, this show is all about the sport they love. It’s just the place to get know some of your favorite athletes.


This is a brand new show hosted by journalist and TV personality Alexis Bloomer — who also happens to be engaged to 6X World Champion Bull Rider Sage Kimzey. On episode one, Alexis talks to 3X World Champion Bareback Rider Tim O'Connell about his love for the sport and the moments when he questioned if he had what it took.