Steer wrestler Rowdy Parrott has struggled with injuries in recent years. In fact, he's just now getting back into the swing of things after being sidelined for nine months. But watching him at RFD-TV's The American Semi-Finals, you'd never know the young steer wrestler had missed a day. 

In his first Semi-Finals performance, Parrott stopped the clock at 4.26 seconds and in the Short Round on Sunday, he turned in a time of 4.96, winning the round and the overall.

"Hopefully I can go to Dallas and do the same thing," says Parrott, who will compete in the Finals March 7–8 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. 

When reporter Amy Wilson asked him how he's been able to make such a strong comeback: "Oh, just God," Parrott said. "He's everything. And I'm just blessed — with good support, good family, good horses. Just blessed."