Stephanie Fryar and Fantastic Spitfire Claim Fort Worth’s Wildcard Round

Fryar has been one of the hottest barrel racers in the world start 2024 and the Wildcard in Fort Worth was no different

After winning their first Go-Round in Bracket 6, Stephanie Fryar and her mare were out of the money in Round 2 but found themselves in the Wildcard Round. It was their chance to come back and they hustled to a 16.44-second, winning run.

“She was hauling butt and turned hard. I’m so proud of her, she’s exceeded my expectations for bringing a young one and thank you Fort Worth for a great rodeo,” Fryar said.

Fryar says that the young mare is just a brown version of Frank, which makes her job easy as she can ride by habit.

Fryar is headed to Semifinals Round A with a gritty mare that has found her stride in Dickies Arena. It all happens at 8:30 PM EST on The Cowboy Channel.