Steer Wrestling Bubble Watch: Aug. 23

There is a lot of talent packed into the bubble watch in the Steer Wrestling right now and there is still time for any of these athletes to make a move toward a qualifying spot for this year’s NFR.

Stockton Graves is sitting in the No. 19 spot with eight trips to the NFR under his belt, five of those consecutively from 2004-2009. He seemed to take a step back for a few years there but was able to secure a spot in the 2021 NFR and is going to need to cash in around $8,000 to make the jump back in to the Top 15 before the end of the season.

Olin Hannum is currently in the No. 16 spot with $65,222 in earnings this season and this Idaho man is looking at 6 more weeks to add upwards of $3,000 to his earnings and shift him back into the Top 15.