Steer wrestler Jesse Brown is a big story heading into the 2021 Wrangler NFR

Jesse Brown has a very different ending to his regular season this year compared to last year.

Last year, Brown was on the bubble fighting for his shot at a Gold Buckle and this year he finishes strong ranked No. 2 in the world and only $24,898 behind No. 1 Jacob Talley ($117,256).

Brown got his start at steer wrestling later than one would think. After playing college football at Washington State, Brown entered a college rodeo before ever even throwing steer.

“College rodeo is where I learned, where I learned everything. That was the beginning, a bit of a rough start but college helped me out a bunch,” Brown said.

For the 2021 season, Brown traveled with Curtis Cassidy and he has used Nutrena’s Horse of the Year, Tyson quite a bit. This year Brown finished 11 places higher than last year in the PRCA World Standings and has already earned more in the regular season than he did in all of 2020, including the NFR.

“I’m ready to go to Vegas and win as much as possible, and try and go at winning that Gold Buckle,” Brown said.