Steer Wrestler Grady Payne Hustles to the Top of Rodeo Austin Leaderboard

Texas cowboy Grady Payne stopped the clock at a 3.9 at Rodeo Austin on Sunday to be the No. 1 steer wrestling going into Performance 3. He was last out and made it count on a tough steer to lead by a full second.

“My brother stepped up there and hazed him good. He knew he was going to check off right there so he was able to stay back on him and keep him lined out just right for me so I could get my hands on him and do my job,” he said.

Horsepower is the other half of making good runs and the Payne’s horse, Duke, gives them a chance every time. Payne says he is so easy, backs in the box and let’s you see what you want to see, take your start and do you job.

Payne’s 3.9 is followed by the 4.9 of Sterling Lambert’s to be the only two clean runs of Rodeo Austin this far.