Sisters Rodeo: Saturday Matinee Daysheet, Performance 2

The action is packed in Oregon at Sisters Rodeo as we roll into Performance 2.

Sisters 2024


Mason Clements and Corey and Lange Rodeo’s Shake the Rocks will meet for the first time. Sam Petersen rodeo the horse last season for 84.5 points.

Mason ClementsShake the Rocks
Rawley KochRip Tide
Josuea DollinsRoyal Moon
Dean ThompsonCowboy Fever
Cooper CookeBraveheart
Donny ProffitSaddle Back
Jacek FrostJericho
Clay StoneDiamond Jim
Davis OttiSnappy Tune
Weston TimbermanMr. Sisters
Richmond ChampionDakota Pride


A 4.4 leads Round 2 but it is wide open in the Average as a 15.8 is the time to beat on two head. Jace Melvin just needs to be faster than 10.4 to take the lead in the Average.

Jace Melvin
Jayce Garthwaite
Kaden Greenfield
Jake Nelson
Hank Filippini
Ty Sherman
Dylan Lowery
Antonio Martinez
Ty Allred
Eric Logan
John Dick


The Minor brothers have been known to have luck in the Northwest and it might stike again at Sisters. A 4.8 is leading there is room for a leaderboard change as the next fastest time is a pair of 5.5-second runs.

Jason EigurenBirch Eiguren
Justin FarberJason Minor
Tate PetersonRyan Powell
Pedro EgurrolaCory Petska
Julia JohnsonJoseph Bergevin
Shay CarrollJace Helton
Jeff FlennikenJake Minor
Hayes SmithJustin Davis
Riley MinorBrady Minor
Marcus MarriottMichael Marriott
Clayton HansenChase Hansen
Bryan ReayBrent Falon


Kole Ashbacher’s 82.5-point ride has set the bar. Corey and Lange’s Blue Feather is the horse that Stetson Wright rode to a second-lace finish in 2023 and tonight, Gregory Koehler will take his shot.

Seth Hart996
Sam HarperDay Drinking Win
Noel JohnsonDo Over
Levi MinesMuddy Road Ahead
Davey McMillanBuckaroo
Wade KaneBlue Angel
Gregory KoehlerBlue Feather
Matthew ShannonBlue Duck
Cole BiggersTeardrop
Mike ReedPrecious


Trevor Hale currently leads the Average with an 18.3 on two head. Justin Farber was a 9.3 in Round 1 meaning if he stops the clock at 9.0 seconds in Performance 2 he will tie for the lead in the Average.

Chase Webster
Michael Jacobs
Pecos Tatum
Trenton Smith
Tanner Green
Beau Cooper
Heidi Gibson
Tucker Braa
Jason Minor
Justin Farber
Tom Crouse
Kason Dyer


After Performance 1, it is a 2.5 that is leading the breakaway roping by over half a second. Peggy Garman and Sarah Morissey have been there done that as they head into Performance 2.

Noel Lambert
Josie Reno
Mattie Turner
Annie Barney
Naomi Yager
Peggy Garman
Kimberly Sanford
Allie Craig
Kacie Wiersma
Rylee Hansen
Amanda Hodges
Britni Carlson
Kiley Streeter
Sarah Morissey


California cowgirl Miley Bravos is riding a recent wave of success after a win in Redding but she is up against one of the greatest to ever do it, Sherry Cervi.

Rainy Robinson
Kelli Barichello
Timber Allenbrand
Pamela Capper-Coker
Lindsey Ham
Jen Auth
Amanda Marriott
Hayle Gibson
Shawn MAssey
Miley Bravos
Sherry Cervi
Brianne Minor


With no qualified rides coming out of Performance 1 in the bull riding it is any cowboy’s game. Parker Breding’s matchup is Corey and Lange’s Entitled Little, a bull that has been covered only three times in his career, the most recent being at the High Desert Stampede when Cannon Cravens earned a score of 89.5 points.

Jestyn WoodwardHulk
Levi QuillanSmoke Screen
Tucker AlstattPretty Boy
Brett GundersenPeace Out
Willian QuillanMake My Day
Chase DoughertyRock On
Chance SchottMoe Betta
Parker BredingEntitled Little
Jesse Flores 910
Clayton Greig15
Michael Brown02