Sherry Cervi Talks About Beloved Horse Dinero

4X World Champion barrel racer Sherry Cervi called in to Western Sports Round-Up to talk about her beloved horse Dinero, who passed away this week at the age of 25.

“My dad bought him when he was a 2-year-old, and he just been has been a part of our family and in my life for all those years,” Cervi says. “… and [he] had brought us so many blessings, and I feel like he’s brought other people great blessings too.”

On Facebook, Cervi wrote:

When I think about the last 23 years... Dinero is first to enter my mind. He has been a constant force and a huge part of my life. So many emotions and great memories come to mind. My Dad envisioned him to be the foundation of a breeding program so many years ago, but he also wanted him to make a great all-around horse. Dinero’s grittiness and huge heart came out when we competed on him. He tried so hard every single time, and he equally loved the roping box as much as the barrels. You could head, heel, and tie-down too.

One year during the Short-Go in Nampa, Cory and two other heelers all rode him in the team roping, and then we switched saddles and I placed in barrel race. He loved it and switching events was no big deal. He was truly remarkable.

My heart is so full when I think about what he has given me. What a wonderful legacy he has left. My father’s vision, so many years ago, far exceeded any feasible expectation. There will forever be a piece of me missing, but always remembered.

You have made so many dreams come true … especially mine. I will be forever grateful. I know your legacy will live on far beyond your years.

Rest in peace my friend,