Shad Mayfield Talks CTEC, Horsepower and Calgary

Shad Mayfield is three years into his professional tie-down roping career and he already has one World Championship under his belt. At only 22-years-old, Mayfield is running and gunning for another Gold Buckle all while adding to his resume along the way.

Mayfield took part in his first ever Cinch Timed Event Championship in early 2022 even thought he had never steer wrestled or steer tripped and team roping is something he had done but it was not an everyday kind of thing.

“I was sitting at home one day and it popped up on the Cowboy Channel, the Timed event, and I was watching and I was like I’d really like to be in that one day so I asked someone about it and they ended up sending me an invite,” Mayfield said.

The invite came in October of 2021 and he held off on practicing until two weeks before the event. Mayfield bought a tripping horse and the 20-year-old veteran horse taught Mayfield and helped him learn along the way.

Three days before the Cinch Timed Event Championship, Mayfield got a call from 4-time National Finals Rodeo steer wrestler Clayton Hass.

“I said well I’ll give you a calf horse if you’ll show me how to bulldog in three days so he did. And we were out there in the cold rain and he was showing me how to jump off the dummy and stuff and the day before I jumped off a horse and I stepped off like a calf roper and it did not look good,” he said.

He ended his last practice day with one good get off and went on the have a blast in Guthrie. Mayfield said he was nervous for the first round and after that he just had so much fun.

“I did good, I had great help… I surprised myself at the Timed Events really,” Mayfield said.

This summer, Mayfield is travel with Quade Hiatt. He has got his good horse, Rampage, in the trailer and they are clicking better than ever. Platinum is his No. 2 horse this summer, Mayfield says they have very different styles and if you ask him, he has two of the best horses on the road this summer. He is looking forward to the Calgary Stampede, the place that he tied his fastest run of 2021 when he was a 6.5 seconds.

Mayfield currently sits No. 1 in the PRCA World Standings and Calgary is coming up soon for the New Mexico cowboy.