Shad Mayfield Takes the Lead by a Landslide in Spanish Fork

After a rough NFR and somewhat slow start to the 2021 season, Shad “Money” Mayfield is living up to his nickname and looking determined to defend his World Championship title. He’s been roping like we’re used to seeing him rope this summer — winning Gladewater and Greeley, taking second in St. Paul and Livingston, placing in three rounds (winning two) in Calgary — and Spanish Fork is no exception.

“Yeah, everything feels good right now,” Shad said, “especially Calgary, going there — I got a lot of good energy from there and roped great there. My horse has been working also, so he’s made it easy for me. And I’ve really been starting to use my long rope again. I kinda quit doing it but I’m doing it again, and it’s been working out.”

After two runs, not only is Shad No. 1 in the average at the Fiesta Days Rodeo, he has a 3.2 SECOND lead.

There’s still plenty of competition to come at the Fiesta Days Rodeo, but Shad has set the bar high, turning in a time of 7.5 second in slack and a 7.3 in Perf 1 Wednesday night for a total of 14.8 on two.