Shad Mayfield and Shelby Boisjoli talk upcoming matches at Lazy E Arena

Oklahoma’s Richest begins on Oct. 15 and the main draw will be a pair of match ropings at the Lazy E Arena.

In the tie-down roping match, 2020 World Champion Shad Mayfield will take on 2019 World Champion, a rematch of last year’s competition won by Meged.

“Me and Haven, we’re pretty competitive, Shelby will tell you that,” Mayfield said. “Haven ropes great, this year will be another tough match. It can always go either way.”

In breakaway roping, it is World No. 1 Shelby Boisjoli against talented 18-year-old roper Josie Conner, who won last year’s Oklahoma’s Richest as well as the San Angelo Roping Fiesta.

“I kind of want to approach it, take every calf, make the best run on every calf,” Boisjoli said. “I don’t try to think about the end goal as much as what is right in front of me.”

The winners of each match roping will receive $7,500.


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