Saddle Bronc Riding Bubble Watch: Aug 30

When we look at the bubble in the Saddle Bronc Riding this week, there is only a $5,522 split between the No. 15 and the No. 20 positions. There is definitely going to be some interesting shifts over the next five rodeo weekends before the Top 15 are finalized in each event.

Statler Wright started out the month just inside the Top 15 and has since dropped down to the No. 19 spot in the Saddle Bronc Riding. He is currently facing a $4,919 gap between him and the No. 15 spot which could have the opportunity to change over this next weekend.

Kolby Wanchuk has been putting in the work to move himself into the right position to make a run for a third potential trip to Vegas this year. Wanchuk looks to have a promising few weeks ahead of him after placing first in Round 1 of the Caldwell Night Rodeo earlier this month and taking home a check this last weekend in Tremonton, Utah.