RumpChat Live For TV: Tilden Hooper’s Passion for Curls and Kaycee

On tonight’s special edition of Western Sports Round-Up Justin Rumford and Josh Hambone Hilton brought their podcast to the The Cowboy Channel Studios — along with special guest and 6X NFR qualifier Tilden Hopper.

For the first segment of their first live-for-TV podcast, they guys hit hard topics such as Tilden’s hair, what rodeo athlete would make the best rodeo clown, Kaycee Field lying about his age when winning RFD-TV’s The American, and the many things Justin has stolen from Hambone in the name of friendship.

They are sure to have you laughing within the first 60 seconds!

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That look Tilden Hooper gets when he knows he’s had a good ride AND his hair still looks great.