Royalty I.D. Aims to Elevate the Sport of Rodeo

Six-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier Cory Solomon, RFD-TV’s The American Rodeo qualifier Catfish Brown and up-and-comer King Pickett have joined forces to create the brand Royalty I.D.

The three professional tie down ropers, all at different stages in life and in their careers, want to be a positive and influential voice within the sport of rodeo.

“We want to make the largest and most positive impact that we can,” said Brown. “Not just inside the arena, but also outside the arena.”

Royalty I.D. works as a team and operates on the no=man-left-behind mentality.

“I feel like three guys together is better than one. It has more of an impact,” said Solomon. “We all come from different backgrounds, and we’re all riding on royalty. We figured if we could put it together by showing the world our identification, which is our I.D., others would want to share their stories. The common goal, it came about, is to reach others.”

Watch the video above to hear the full interview with Royalty I.D. as they talk about their plans to blur the lines between a rodeo cowboy and a professional athlete.

You can join forces with Royalty I.D. by visiting their website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

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