Rookie Bull Rider Bubba Greig Captures Pendleton Championship

Bubba Greig is in his rookie year of professional rodeo and as we near the end of the season, Greig took home a huge win from the Pendleton Round-Up.

Greig has been battling hip injuries that caused him to miss majority of the summer run but he made up for it in a big way when he had a dominating ride in Pendleton. On Four Star Rodeo’s Hell Hound, Greig made an 88.5-point ride that made him the champion.

“You know, I’ve just been extremely blessed. God’s given me so many opportunities and let me capitalize on them. I didn’t even think I was going to be able to come out here a month ago and I made the decision to come out here and give it one last shot and I’m so thankful I did,” Greig said.

Fulfilling his childhood dreams of competing at Pendleton and making it even sweeter by getting the win his rookie year, Greig adds to his list of accolades.