Riley Wakefield Takes Home Biggest Career Win from Pendleton Round-Up

Nebraska’s Riley Wakefield is an All-Around cowboy that took home his biggest career win yet from the Pendleton Round-Up.

Pendleton is a marathon in the timed events and Wakefield ended up with a time of 17.3 seconds on three head to be your Champion.

“I wouldn’t say I’m an avid bull dogger, I don’t go up and down the road. I’m more of a calf roper so a win like this means that much more,” Wakefield said.

Coming from a family that has steer wrestled and loves the event, Wakefield tends to have success at bigger setups like Cheyenne and Pendleton.

“I can catch steers and usually throw them down somehow,” said the Pendleton Roundup Champion.

It all paid off for Wakefield as he left with over $12,000 and added a huge win to his list of career wins.