Rhen Richard Heads to Sixth NFR after Strong 2023 Campaign

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Rhen Richard is heading back to the NFR for the third year in a row, all of which he has spent inside the top 10.

Richard heads to the 2023 Finals with the same partner as he has had for the previous two as well, Jeremy Buhler. At No. 7 on the head side, Richard earned $123,484 during the 2023 regular season and posted the second-fastest Average Time of his career at 7.46 seconds.


RodeoHouston, $55,750

It was a great start to the season for Rhen Richard and partner Jeremy Buhler who placed in all six rounds at RodeoHouston, including placing first in the Finals. The two stopped the clock at 5.5 seconds in the Finals to earn the $50,000 payday.

Clovis Rodeo (California), $7,417

About a month after RodeoHouston, it was a great showing at the Clovis Rodeo for Richard and partner Jeremy Buhler where they earned just over $7,400. The pair placed in 3-of-4 rounds which helped them place second in the average after going 35.5 seconds on four head.


Puyallup Cinch Playoffs (Washington), 3.9 Seconds

Richard/Buhler took second behind Nelson Wyatt/Trey Yates with a 3.9-second run in Round 2 of the Puyallup Cinch Playoffs. It paid a little more than $2,500 and would ultimately be the final run of their regular season as they packed it in until Vegas on Sept. 10.

Lewiston Roundup (Idaho), 3.9 Seconds

It was two 3.9-second runs on the Weekend of Sept. 10 for Richard/Buhler as they also made a 3.9-second run to take fifth at the Lewiston Roundup. That run paid $2,100.


Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo (Alberta), 4.3 Seconds

RodeoHouston was their only win in the U.S. during the 2023 regular season, but Richard/Buhler added two more Canada. At the Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo, they split the title with Clay Ullery/Jake Edwards.

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