Racing Legend Richard Childress Gets Into Professional Bull Riding

Richard Childress is a car racing legend and now he is dipping his feet in the professional bull riding. He is the managing operator for the Carolina Cowboys, one of the teams that makes up PBR’s new team series.

“I’ve always loved the western lifestyle and now, for us to be involved in PBR is really special, especially in teams, for us to be one of the eight teams competing, it’s special for us,” Childress said.

The general manager of the Carolina is Austin Dillon while their coach is none other than the legendary Jerome Davis.

“To have Jerome Davis, from here in North Carolina, and to have him here as our coach of the Carolina Cowboys, it’s awesome. He is the original Carolina Cowboy, you know, he’s a world champion, it’s really great,” Childress said.

There is a lot of crossover from Nascar to bull riding and that includes not only the fans but the strategy aspect. It is going to be exciting for all involved. The Carolina Cowboy’s home event will be a celebration and return western sports making a return to Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

“We’re excited about bring it back to Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem. It’s been quite a while, we picked that arena because I remember going back many years ago to the PBR shows in the 90’s and it was pretty amazing,” Childress said.

The Carolina Cowboys will draw the cowboys that will make up their team after the PBR World Finals in May and Richard Childress already has his eye on some of the top PBR cowboys.