Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame Director Kent Sturman On WSR

The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame is preparing for the induction ceremony of its 2020 inductees.

Kent Sturman, Director of Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and Museum, was at the golf tournament yesterday and his team is busy preparing for the Cowboy Ball that will be held tonight. The actual induction ceremony itself will be on Saturday.

The eight recipients of this honor are Cody Ohl, Butch Kirby, Martha Josey, Jim Sutton, Sunni Deb Backstrom, Randy Witte, G-65 Grated Coconut and Ellensburg Rodeo.

All of these inductees have waiting a year for this and the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and Museum is thankful to be hosting these events this year.


Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Class of 2020