PRCA Tie-Down Roping Standings, Sept. 1: Riley Webb Adds to His Earnings, Zach Jongbloed Jumps to No. 11

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Shelby Caitlin

As we enter into the last month of the regular season the pressure is on for the cowboys in the tie-down roping as legends such as Tuf Cooper, Cory Solomon and Marcos Costa remain on the bubble.

No. 1 Riley Webb, $245,610

Riley Webb secured three wins over the past weekend as he placed No. 1 at the Horse Heaven Roundup, Kitsap Stampede and Gem State Stampede. Webb pulled a check for $8,259 in Kennewick as he dominated in the Final Round with a 6.6-second run to claimed the Average win. As Webb collected two additional checks for a total of $7,812 in Washington and Idaho, the Texas cowboy banked just over $16,000 in earnings.

No. 2 Haven Meged, $187,423

Haven Meged sits securely at No. 2 in the World Standings and expanded his earnings as he locked in a first place check at the Golden Spike Rodeo where he stopped the clock at 6.9 seconds to secure a check for $4,970. Meged also cashed in at the Horse Heaven Roundup as he rang in 25.7 seconds on three head to sit second in the Average and take home just over $8,000 in earnings.

No. 11 Zack Jongbloed, $98,595

With each check earned Zack Jongbloed is working his way further into the Top 15 as he now sits No. 11 in the PRCA World Standings. Jongbloed placed third at the Golden Spike Rodeo where he made a run of 8.0 seconds flat to take home a check for $3,645. Jongbloed also made his way to the pay window at the Kitsap Stampede as he cinched the No. 5 spot, adding an additional $3,024 to his total earnings.

Take a look at the Top 20 Tie-Down Ropers in the PRCA World Standings.

Rank Name Earnings
1.Riley Webb$245,610
2.Haven Meged$187,423
3.Shane Hanchey$144,495
4.Shad Mayfield$130,518
5.Ty Harris$128,194
6.Hunter Herrin$111,661
7.Westyn Hughes$111,661
8.Beau Cooper$108,344
9.Brushton Minton$102,772
10.John Douch$102,11
11.Zack Jongbloed$98,595
12.Caleb Smidt$97,854
13.Cory Solomon$96,318
14.Luke Potter $94,014
15.Blane Cox$92,241
16.Michael Otero$90,892
17.Jake Pratt$87,598
18.Marcos Costa$82,621
19.Tuf Cooper$82,117
20. Kincade Henry $80,514

Standings current as of on September 1, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST.