PRCA Team Roping News and Notes: Team Ropers of San Antonio


Through five brackets and 15 rounds of team roping, the 20 teams that will make up the team roping portion of the Semifinals have been narrowed down.

There are two Semifinal rounds per event and each round will produce five finalists. Additionally, there will be one wild card competitor who qualifies for the Short Go. The cowboy with the most total money at the end of the rodeo, wins.

Take a look at who the 20 teams are and how they got to the Semifinals.

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill $6,000

The reigning champions of San Antonio kicked off the team roping with a 4.7 to get the Bracket 1 Round 1 win. They went on to place in third in Round 2 and tie for another win in Round 3 and they were never slower than a 4.9.

Coleman Proctor and Logan Medlin $6,000

Proctor and Medlin placed in all three rounds, that includes winning the first and third rounds. They caught a leg to still pull a check in Round 2 before they clocked their fastest time in Round 3.

Chad Masters and Cory Petska $5,500

Masters and Petska placed in two of three rounds in Bracket 2 with a 5.1 and a 4.6, the 4.6 bringing in a round win. The team earned enough money between the two rounds to be the highest money earners and No. 1 team making it back from Bracket 2.

Lightning Aguilera and Jonathan Torres $5,000

This is the first time for Aguilera and Torres to be roping partners and they made it count. They went on to win Rounds 1 and 2 and finish with $5,000 in each of their pockets that secured their spot in the Semifinals.

Reno Stoebner and Joseph Harrison $4,750

Stoebner and Harrison are another newly paired up team to qualify for the Semifinals. They won Round 2 of Bracket 1 with a 4.3 and tied to win Round 3 with a 4.4 second run.

Rhett Anderson and Max Kuttler $4,500

Anderson and Kuttler cashed in money in two rounds of Bracket 2. They won Round 2 with a 4.9 second run before they placed in Round 3 with a 5.8 and cinched their trip to the Semifinals.

Tate Kirchenschlager and Cole Davison $4,000

Kirchenschlager and Davison cashed in $2,000 after being second in Round 2 with a 6.1 before they beat that time in Round 3 with a 4.9 to bring in another $2,000.

Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves $3,750

Egusquiza and Graves are an unstoppable team. They tied for third in Round 1 of Bracket 4 with a 5.9 second run. They were a whole second faster in Round 2 to win it and add $2,500 each to their earnings.

Curry Kirchner and Austin Rogers $3,500

Kirchner and Rogers placed in two rounds to secure their Semifinals spot. Their first check came in Round 1 with a 5.7 that placed them second. They caught a leg in Round 3 to still place third.

Riley Minor and Brady Minor $3,500

The Minor brothers are back to having success. They kicked off their San Antonio trip with a 5.1 and a Round 1 win. They placed fourth in the third round and are coming back the second highest money earners from Bracket 4.

Nick Sartain and Reagan Ward $3,500

Sartain and Ward had two quick times of 5.0 and 5.1 to earn their spot in the Semifinals. They placed second in Round 2 and third in Round 3.

Tanner Tomlinson and Patrick Smith $3,500

Tomlinson is a young header teamed up with veteran and two-time World Champion Patrick Smith. The team was consistent making two runs of 5.3, one that placed them second in Round 1 and third in Round 2.

Garrett Tonozzi and T.J. Watts $3,000

Tonozzi and Watts placed third in two different rounds. They started placing in Round 1 with a 6.5 and finished in Round 3 with a 5.6.

Jake Clay and Billie Jack Saebens $3,000

Clay and Saebens were a 5.8 to get things going in Round 1 with a second-place finish. In Round 3 they finished fourth with a 5.9 second run that brought in the final $1,000 of the bracket to add to their earnings.

Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp $2,750

Snow and Thorp are no strangers to success. They caught a leg in Round 1 to be third with a 9.5 before they ended up tying for third in Round 2 with a 4.9.

Quinn Kesler and Caleb Hendrix $2,500

Kesley and Hendrix started things off with a win after a 5.6 second run to win Round 1. That one round win held up through three rounds to get the team into the Semifinals.

Luke Brown and Hunter Koch $2,500

Brown and Koch smoked the competition in Round 3 of Bracket 3 to get the round win with a 3.9 second run. They ended up being the third highest money earners of Bracket 3.

Tyler Wade and Trey Yates $2,000

Wade and Yates ended up only placing in one round but that one round was enough. They were a 4.8 in Round 2 to be second in Bracket 1 to cinch their spot at the Semifinals.

Cory Kidd and Lane Mitchell $2,000

Kidd and Mitchell placed fourth in two rounds to earn $2,000 each and head to the Semifinals. They caught a leg to be 10.0 in Round 1 before they were a 5.1 in Round 3.

Hayes Smith and Cullen Teller $2,000

Smith and Teller were a 4.2 in Round 3 of Bracket 3 to get their only placing but that placing held up through two more brackets and they added $2,000 to their earnings.

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