PRCA Team Roping Heeler Standings Update, Sept. 15: Seven Ropers Within $8,000 of Final NFR Spot

Kaleb Driggers Junior Nogueira NFR

Kaleb Driggers, Junior Nogueira, during the RFDTV’s The American. Photo by Andy Watson

Andy Watson

On the Heel side, Team Roping is as tight as any event on the bubble. Taking a look at the bubble spots 12 through 22 are separated by less than $12,000. Coleby Payne currently holds the No. 15 spot in the standings but is just $5,000 ahead of Ross Ashford who is No. 16 in the world.

Here is a look at the top 20 in the world as we head into the final stretch of the 2023 regular season.

No. 15 Coleby Payne, $83,163

Payne is on the hot seat, holding the qualifying spot for the 2023 NFR, and has plenty of athletes hot on his heels. Payne moved up in the standings over the last week thanks to a third-place finish at the Cinch Playoffs which earned him over $6,500 total at the rodeo.

No. 16 Ross Ashford, $78,850

Ashford is just $5,000 behind Payne on his quest for a second career NFR appearance. Ashford made over $2,000 at the Cinch Playoffs last weekend, but it wasn’t enough to vault him inside the top 15. It will be an uphill battle for Ashford as time is running out on the season and limited opportunities for big paydays remain.

No. 17 Justin Davis, $77,548

Davis is in a similar spot as Ashford. There is only two weeks left to make up around $5,000. Davis may have missed his opportunity as he has a no-time in Pendleton and to make the jump inside the top 15 he needed a big showing from Oregon.

1.Junior Nogueira$156,702
2.Wesley Thorp$149,317
3.Levi Lord$137,386
4.Jeremy Buhler$123,372
5.Patrick Smith$118,705
6.Colter Todd$116,065
7.Buddy Hawkins$114,765
8.Paul Eaves$110,270
9.Logan Medlin$94,604
10.Jake Long$89,787
11.Cole Curry$88,681
12.Dillon Graham$87,558
13.Hunter Koch$85,916
14.Paden Bray$84,237
15.Coleby Payne$83,163
16.Ross Ashford$78,850
17.Justin Davis$77,548
18.Tyler Worley$77,406
19.Billie Jack Saebens$76,330
20.Trey Yates$76,099