PRCA Team Roping Heeler Standings Update, Sept. 1: Wesley Thorp Closes Ground, Bubble Getting Crowded

Kaleb Driggers Junior Nogueira NFR

Andy Watson

We have entered the final month of the 2023 regular season and there is still a lot to be determined at the top and bottom of the top 15 in the PRCA Heeler Standings. Looking at the top, Junior Nogueira currently holds a $5,000 lead over Levi Lord and a $10,000 lead over Wesley Thorp who had an excellent month of August.

Looking towards the bottom of the top 15, No. 15 through No. 23 are separated by less than $10,000. As it stands now, Hunter Koch is in the No. 15 position, but could very quickly make moves in either direction with how tight things are.

Here is a look at the top 20 in the PRCA Team Roping Heeler standings.

No. 3 Wesley Thorp

Thorp placed second at the Kitsap Stampede thanks to a 3.8-second run. The run earned him over $4,000 at the rodeo, further closing the gap between him and the top two in the standings. In the same weekend as his second-place finish, Thorp earned another $1,500 at the Horse Heaven Roundup Rodeo. Thorp is $10,000 behind Junior Nogueira in first place and just $5,000 behind Levi Lord in second.

No. 11 Dillon Graham

Graham has worked his way up from No. 14 in the world to No. 11 after a great weekend. Graham won the Gem State Stampede with a 4.2-second run to win over $3,000. Graham would also win the average at the Horse Heaven Roundup after going 17.3 seconds on three head. In total, Graham earned over $7,000 at the rodeo.

1.Junior Nogueira$136,583
2.Levi Lord$131,427
3.Wesley Thorp$126,222
4.Jeremy Buhler$114,604
5.Buddy Hawkins$111,716
6.Colter Todd$104,914
7.Patrick Smith$102,501
8.Paul Eaves$99,995
9.Jake Long$85,447
10.Logan Medlin$85,161
11.Dillon Graham$83,124
12.Paden Bray$82,841
13.Cole Curry$81,285
14.Justin Davis$77,548
15.Hunter Koch$74,538
16.Tyler Worley$74,503
17.Ross Ashford$72,787
18.Billie Jack Saebens$71,087
19.Coleby Payne$70,644
20.Travis Graves$69,152

*Standings via PRCA are accurate as of 10:00 AM ET Friday, Sept. 1.