PRCA Team Roping Heeler Standings Update, May 2: Buddy Hawkins Holds Small Lead

Buddy Hawkins holds a lead of under $2,000 over Jake Long in the Heeler Standings

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The Team Roping standings are tight on both sides of the event. On the Heel side, Buddy Hawkins is the man at the top, but his lead over Jake Long is under $2,000.

Here is a full breakdown of the top 20 on the Heel side in Team Roping.

No. 1 Buddy Hawkins, $71,903

Hawkins is at the top of the standings thanks to a win at RodeoHouston and the $50,000 that comes along with that. Hawkins posted five runs under seven seconds including a 4.5-second run in his third go and a 4.8-second run in the Finals to get the win.

No. 2 Jake Long, $70,009

Long made a big jump in the standings over the last week in April at the San Angelo Cinch Chute-Out. Long earned $7,500 at the rodeo after grabbing the win with a 4.2-second run in the Finals.

Long also had a great showing at RodeoHouston where he placed third with a 5.4-second run in the Finals to earn a big payday.

No. 3 Levi Lord, $64,935

Lord and his partner Dustin Egusquiza’s best showing over the Texas Swing came at Rode Austin where they captured the win and earned over $12,000 in total.

Lord won the average with a total time of 12.5 seconds on three, which was a half second better than second place.

No. 4 Douglas Rich, $49,912

Rich earned nearly half of his season earnings at RodeoHouston where he placed second after a 5.2-second run in the Finals. Rich was consistent throughout the rodeo with five runs under seven seconds.

No. 5 Colter Todd, $47,911

Todd has been struggling of late, but early success in the Texas Swing has kept him inside the top 5. Todd won the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo with a time of 3.8 seconds in the Finals which brought his aggregate to 31 seconds total to get the win. He won over $20,000 in San Antonio alone this season.

No. 6 Kaden Profili, $47,483

Profili is searching for his first NFR qualification, and after the Texas Swing, he has set himself up nicely. His most recent success came at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo where he placed second in the opening round with a 4.0-second run to earn over $4,600.

The following weekend Profili earned over $6,000 at the Clark County Fair and Rodeo thanks to an average win. Profili was 9.8 seconds on two head after times of 5.0 seconds and 4.8 seconds.

No. 7 Coleby Payne, $45,318

Payne earned a large chunk of his season earnings at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo where he got the win. Payne took the title with a 4.5-second run in the Finals. That run alone earned him over $10,000 which brought his total earnings at the rodeo to over $12,000.

No. 8 Wesley Thorp, $41,652

Thorp got his year off right at the National Western where he earned four checks of at least $2,200. In total, he earned more than $14,000 after winning three rounds and placing fifth in the Finals.

Recently his biggest payday came in San Angelo where he earned over $3,000 with a fourth-place finish in the opening round.

No. 9 Junior Nogueira, $39,241

From March 9 through the end of the month, Nogueira had a stretch of five straight checks, four of which were over $2,000.

The stretch began at Rodeo Austin where he earned an average check of $3,941. The next payday came at the Rio Grande Valley Rodeo with a fifth-place finish that earned him over $2,400. After Rio Grande, Nogueira earned back-to-back $2,000 checks at Ellis County and Walker County where he placed second and first respectively.

No. 10 Cole Curry, $37,388

Curry had a strong showing at the San Angelo Cinch Chute-Out where he placed second in the opening round and in the Finals. Curry opened the rodeo with a 3.8-second run and followed it up with a 5.9-second run in the Finals. The showing earned him $3,000 and helped him jump to No. 10 in the world.

No. 11 Trey Yates, $35,551

Yates picked up a win at the Cave Creek Rodeo Days with a time of 4.4 seconds, which earned him a nice payday of $3,155. The run came a week after a $4,000 check at the Rio Grande Valley rodeo where he placed second.

He added two checks of over $2,000 at the Clark County Rodeo and San Angelo Rodeo.

No. 12 Ross Ashford, $33,619

Ashford has one check of over $1,000 since the beginning of March which came at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo where he placed first in the Final round that earned him over $1,300.

No. 13 Hunter Koch, $32,395

Koch’s last big win came at RodeoHouston where he placed second in the opening round with a 5.4-second run and first in Round 2 with a 4.5-second run. The two runs earned him just under $5,000.

No. 14 Tanner Braden, $30,389

Braden finished third at RodeoHouston where he earned over half of his season earnings with the $15,000 payday in the Finals. Since Houston Braden has earned one check of $480.

No. 15 Wyatt Cox, $30,362

Cox made a big jump in the standings thanks to the Red Bluff Round-Up where he placed in all four rounds and won the average after going 29.3 seconds on four. In total he earned just over $9,000 at the rodeo.

No. 16 Logan Medlin, $28,546

Medlin placed fourth in Round 2 at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo with a 3.8-second run. The run earned Medlin $2,700.

No. 17 Clay Futrell, $26,593

Futrell had a strong showing in Red Bluff where he placed third in the average after an aggregate time of 32.3 seconds on four. His best run was a 7.4 second time in the Finals which was good for fourth. In total, he won over $5,300 at the rodeo.

No. 18 Sid Sporer, $23,605

Sporer’s best showing came back in February where he won over $6,000 at La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros with an aggregate time of 12.1 seconds on three.

No. 19 Clay Green, $23,560

Green has jumped in the standings over the last few weeks with a win at the Springville Sierra Rodeo that earned him $2,000. He also placed fourth in round 2 in Clovis with a time of 8.4 seconds. That run earned him over $1,600.

No. 20 Zack Mabry, $23,458

Mabry’s most recent payday came back in early March where he finished third at the Florida Gateway Pro Rodeo after a 5.1-second run. The finish earned him over $1,200.