PRCA Team Roping Header Standings, Sept. 15: Bubble Watch Continues With Two Weeks Left in Season

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Dan Hubbell

There is still a lot to be determined in the Team Roping World Standings on the Header side with Coleman Proctor at No. 10 just $9,000 ahead of the No. 15 spot. Moving down the standings, three athletes are currently outside the Top 15 within $7,000 of the spot.

No. 15 Luke Brown, $85,916

Brown sits in the hot seat with just under $86,000 earned on the season. Brown had a strong First Round in Pendleton where he placed second and earned just under $4,000. Brown also made moves in the standings at the Cinch Playoffs in Puyallup where he placed fourth in the Average in addition to placing second in Round 2. He jumped from 17th to 15th and now to make his 14th career NFR, Brown will have to hold off Brenten Hall, Jake Clay, and JR. Dees who are all within $9,000 of the 15 spot.

No. 16 Brenten Hall, $82,366

Brenten Hall is just $3,000 behind Luke Brown for the final NFR spot. It will be tough to catch Brown this week with Hall failing to place in his first run in Pendleton and Brown sitting in a nice spot at the rodeo. Hall’s last payday came at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo where he placed second in a round and earned just over $1,500. He dropped two spots over the weekend.

No. 17 Jake Clay, $80,920

Clay entered last weekend No. 15, but is now trailing Brown by $5,000 for that coveted final spot. Clay has been on a rough stretch, cashing no checks over $1,000 in his last 18 runs. Clay is currently fourth in the Average in Pendleton and will need to cash a nice check there if he has any chance at jumping inside the Top 15.

No. 18 Jr. Dees, $76,513

Jr. Dees put himself in a position to compete for an NFR appearance in Ellensburg after placing fourth in the Average to earn $3,200. Dees likely needs to win Pendleton to have any chance at making the NFR.

1.Kaleb Driggers$156,702
2.Nelson Wyatt$143,206
3.Dustin Egusquiza$137,386
4.Tyler Wade$132,090
5.Rhen Richard$123,372
6.Tanner Tomlinson$118,705
7.Andrew Ward$114,765
8.Erich Rogers$109,918
9.Derrick Begay$100,898
10.Coleman Proctor$94,604
11.Marcus Theriot$91,657
12.Clay Smith$87,558
13.Dawson Graham$87,558
14.Cody Snow$87,467
15.Luke Brown$85,916
16.Brenten Hall$82,366
17.Jake Clay$80,920
18.Jr. Dees$76,513
19.Clint Summers$73,314
20.Coy Rahlmann$72,965

Standings current as of on September 15, 2023 at 11:45 AM ET.