PRCA Steer Wrestling World Standings Sept. 27: Jacob Talley and Cody Devers Eye Return to Thomas and Mack

Jacob Talley_1280


As the 2023 season nears its close, the Top 15 steer wrestlers start to narrow down.

There was little movement inside the Top 5 the entire season where Dalton Massey has dominated at almost every rodeo he went to in order to stay No. 1.

Meanwhile, further down the list we have a few steer wrestlers looking to make a return to Las Vegas.

No. 9 Stephen Culling, $104,025

Two second place finishes added to Culling’s earnings before the Cinch Playoffs Governor’s Cup. One came by way of San Bernadino, California while the other was in Sonoma, California. In total, he cashed in on almost $3,500.

No. 10 Cody Devers, $101,632

Getting three wins that totaled around $5,000 when combined bumped Devers into the Top 10. Of the Omaha River City Rodeo, Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo and the Pasadena Livestock Show and Rodeo, he threw down a pair of 3.5-second runs and a 3.8.

No. 11 Jacob Talley, $101,453

After the kind of regular season that put the Thomas and Mack back in Talley’s view, he ended the season in his homestate of Louisiana. With a time of 3.6 seconds, he ended up sixth at the Springhill PRCA Rodeo to round out his season earnings with $700.

No. 12 Stan Branco, $98,289

Branco added over $2,000 to his earnings when he laid down a 4.4-second run to win the Sheriff’s PRCA Rodeo in San Bernadino, California.

No. 14 Bridger Anderson, $84,440

Anderson cinched almost $3,000 to wrap up his season. He also got a win at his last rodeo in Sonoma, California when he was 4.5 seconds.

World RankNameEarnings
1.Dalton Massey$185,874
2.Tyler Waguespack$146,647
3.Jesse Brown$136,613
4.Will Lummus$124,988
5.Ty Erickson$121,719
6.Dakota Eldridge$116,047
7.J.D. Struxness$113,396
8.Dirk Tavenner$105,720
9.Stephen Culling$104,025
10.Cody Devers$101,632
11.Jacob Talley$101,453
12.Stan Branco$98,289
13.Don Payne$84,611
14.Bridger Anderson$84,440
15.Nick Guy$83,761
16.Cameron Morman$76,790
17.Travis Munro$76,665
18.Olin Hannum$71,412
19.Tucker Allen$71,123
20.Stockton Graves$69,692

Standings current as of on September 29 at 6:15 PM EST.