PRCA Steer Wrestling Standings Update Sept. 6: JD Struxness and Stan Branco Throwing Down to Crack Top 10


A big win for a Minnesota steer wrestler has made a shift in the PRCA Steer Wrestling World Standings, while the reigning World Champion gets even closer to the top.

Steer wrestling, like bareback riding, saw no movement to its Top 5 in the World Standings last week. Dalton Massey continues to have a strong hold on No.1 while Ty Erickson comes in at No. 5 trailing Massey by $60,000. However, World No. 2 Tyler Waguespack’s win in Walla Walla (Washington) and second place finish in Ellensburg (Washington) may mean that shift is coming soon.

As for the bubble, there is around $18,000 between No. 13 Don Payne and No. 20 Kyle Irwin and of the cowboys that sit on that bubble, all but one are veterans to the game of rodeo. Rookie Cash Robb is sitting at No. 18 in the world right now with a possible shot at the National Finals Rodeo depending on how the last few weeks go.

Until then, here is a look into your Top 20 of the PRCA Steer Wrestling World Standings.

No. 2 Tyler Waguespack, $145,542

At the beginning of August, Tyler Waguespack was $48,000 behind Dalton Massey in the PRCA World Standings and now he sits just $21,000 back. The winner of the last two World Championships had a productive weekend in Washington - he was 4.4 or faster on 4-of-5 runs and pulled checks on all four of those runs. He ultimately finished second in Ellensburg and first in Walla Walla to bring in about $15,000 for the weekend.

No. 6 J.D. Struxness, $101,728

Struxness placed in two Go-Rounds of the Ellensburg Rodeo, won another and took home the title after his three times put him No. 1 in the Aggregate. His fastest time came in Round 2 when the clock stopped at 3.8 seconds, a run that would be worth $3,300 by itself. In total, Struxness left Washington not only with the title, but more than $9,500 added to his season earnings.

No. 10 Stan Branco, $97,354

With successful trip s to the Walla Walla Frontier Days and the Ellensburg Rodeo, Branco climbed from No. 12 to No. 10. Starting with the Round 1 win in Walla Walla with a time of 3.8 seconds and ending his trip there with a fourth-place finish in the Aggregate, Branco added over $3,800 to his name before heading to Ellensburg. There, the California bulldogger had his fastest time of the rodeo in the Final Go-Round at 4.4 seconds to split the round win. He also finished third in the Aggregate.

1.Dalton Massey$166,459
2.Tyler Waguespack$145,542
3.Jesse Brown$134,649
4.Will Lummus$110,304
5.Ty Erickson$106,026
6.J.D. Struxness$101,728
7.Dakota Eldridge$100,647
8.Dirk Tavenner$98,916
9.Jacob Talley$97,229
10.Stan Branco$96,132
11.Cody Devers$94,631
12.Stephen Culling$93,814
13.Don Payne$81,411
14.Nick Guy$77,092
15.Bridger Anderson$71,486
16.Tucker Allen$67,065
17.Stockton Graves$66,869
18.Cash Robb$65,434
19.Olin Hannum$65,222
20.Kyle Irwin$63,207

Standings current as of on September 6, 2023 at 4:45 PM EST.