PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding Standings Update, June 20: Damian Brennan’s Lead Still Stands

Damian Brennan is still No. 1 but rodeo’s best are hot on his heels

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As we get into the Summer Run, the No. 1 saddle bronc rider in the World, Damian Brennan still holds a significant lead but with so much money left to be won, it is a lead that could still be taken.

No. 1 Damian Brennan, $128,356

Brennan had a phenomenal winter helping secure his early lead. As we got closer to the summer, he kept a lead foot down and cashed in at the Miles City Xtreme Broncs (Montana) with an 83.5-point ride in the Long Round. In the last four weeks, he also finished fourth at Back When They Bucked (South Dakota) and third at the Jordan Xtreme Bronc Match (Montana).

No. 2 Lefty Holman, $104,757

Homan’s success this spring has been nothing short of outstanding. In May, he won close to $25,000 combined between two rodeos. A second-place finish in the Finals at the Veater Financial Bronc Match (California) was worth $9,600 and he followed it up with another second-place finish in Miles City, where he won more than $14,000 total. In June, his biggest check is $3,200 for a third place finish at the Sisters Rodeo (Oregon).

No. 3 Sage Newman, $91,214

Sage Newman has had three big wins that have come his way since June 5 and he has added $16,400 to his name from those wins alone. Those wins were the Parker County Sheriffs Posse Frontier Days and Rodeo (Texas), Sisters Rodeo and the Battle Born Broncs (Nevada). He also picked up another $6,800 with a second place finish at the Jordan Xtreme Broncs. Newman has moved up five spots in the World Standings in the last three weeks.

No. 4 Statler Wright, $91,129

Statler is gunning for that first trip to Vegas and he has set himself up just right to do just that. So far in the month of June, Statler is averaging a paycheck of $1,900 per rodeo and he has picked up two wins along the way. Those wins were the Home of the Navajo PRCA Rodeo (Arizona) after a 90-point ride on Cervi Brother’s R. Watson’s Ed Bishop and the San Juan Stampede (Utah).

No. 5 Ryder Wright, $86,555

Ryder picked up a lucrative win at the Veater Financial Bronc Match after an 87-point ride on Mojave Moon worth $12,800. That was back in May and since then, he picked up wins at the Fort Herriman PRCA Rodeo (Utah) and the Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo (Utah) in the first three wins of June. When combined, those two wins total $6,200 that was added to Ryder’s season earnings.

No. 6 Wyatt Casper, $81,057

Casper has picked up steam just in time for the Summer Run and has two second place finishes in the last few weeks. An 86-point ride at Back When They Bucked on Tator Tot of Korkow Rodeo was worth over $2,000 and was followed up with a matching 86-pointer on Summit Pro Rodeo’s Legend for $2,800 at the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo (Colorado)

No. 7 Ryder Sanford, $72,468

A money-making month of June has been in store for Sanford as $15,600 has been added to his name and moved up him up three spots since the beginning of June. He shared the win with Ryder Wright in Vernal, Utah after an 87-point ride on Powder River’s Toss Across that was worth $4,100. He followed it up with a third-place finish in the Long Round of the Jordan Xtreme Bronc.

No. 8 Logan Hay, $68,705

After a busy winter, Hay’s lone check in June came at the Casey Tibbs Match of Champions Xtreme Broncs where he cashed in $2,000 for an 85-point ride Hombre of Harper & Morgan Rodeo.

No. 9 Kade Bruno, $64,183

Since June 5, a $4,000 win came in Bruno’s home state of Idaho at the Eagle Rodeo after an impressive 87.5-point ride on Oh Toodles of King Rodeo. And he followed it up with a third-place ride at the Battle Born Broncs on Sankey Pro Rodeo’s Mugilla that was worth another $2,000.

No. 10 Zeke Thurston, $63,523

Two hefty wins have come for the four-time World Champion in the last month. The first was at the Redding Rodeo (California) with a $5,800 payday thanks to an 87.5 on Momma’s Boy of Bridwell Pro Rodeo. The second is another 87.5-point ride, this one courtesy of Sutton Rodeo’s South Point at Back When They Bucked.

No. 11 Brody Cress, $59,277

Wyoming’s Cress cashed in $5,900 in Miles City after an 86.5 in the Long Round and an 88.5 in the Finals aboard Shady Jacket of J Bar J’s. He picked up a third-place finish more recently after at Rodeo Celina (Texas) on June 2.

No. 12 Cole Elshere, $59,080

Elshere is looking to return to Las Vegas for the first time since 2016, although he did make the Finals when they were held in Texas. He is added to his season earnings almost everywhere he goes and that includes a win at the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo after an 88-point ride on Kangaroo Lou of Summit Pro Rodeo. It was a win worth over $3,700.

No. 13 Brody Wells, $57,095

Wells’ success at the stand-alone bronc events has been impressive. His most recent trips to the pay window came after a pair of third-place finishes at them in the last week, one at the Jordan Xtreme Bronc and the next at the Battle Born Broncs. These were thanks to a 90-point ride and an 85.5 that added a total of $5,700 to his name.

No. 14 Zac Dallas, $51,616

The rookie from New Mexico is heating up. An 85-point ride om Dairy Day in the Long Round of the Jordan Xtreme Bronc was good for $4,800 and before that, a huge win came his way at the Casey Tibbs Match of Champions Xtreme Broncs. There, Dallas made rides of 88 and 89 points to beat some of ProRodeo’s best.

No. 15 Logan Cook, $50,619

Cook picked up a second-place pay day at Rodeo Killeen (Texas) and followed it up with a small check from Rodeo Celina that was worth enough to burst through the bubble and into the Top 15. He also cashed at the Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo (Texas) in June.

No. 16 Dawson Hay, $49,314

Dawson matched up with Bridwell Pro Rodeo’s standout bay, Indian Burn at the Livermore Rodeo (California) to pick up a win worth $3,200 on June 12. Before that, he finished second in both rounds of the Casey Tibbs Match of Champions Xtreme Broncs that came after the monster success he had in Miles City. There, Dawson cashed in $19,300 after two Go-Round winning rides that came in at 90.5 points each. Miles City took him from No. 33 to No. 17 in the World Standings in the middle of May.

No. 17 Riggin Smith, $46,645

Smith found success at a pair of California contests - Veater Financial Bronc Match and Redding Rodeo. Together the two added almost $8,000 to Smith’s name. It was an 84.5-point ride in Coarsegold that brought in $6,400 alone.

No. 18 Parker Fleet, $5,395

Fleet is chipping away and consistently placing. He has made four trips to the pay window in June that have totaled $2,361. The highest marked ride of the four came at the Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo where Fleet was 84 on After Party of Powder River Rodeo.

No. 19 Lucas Macza, $44,836

Macza has won two rodeos in his home province of Alberta this year - the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo and the Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo.

No. 20 Ben Andersen, $44,542

Andersen matched up with Sutton Rodeo’s South Point at the Casey Tibbs Match of Champions Xtreme Broncs to be 86.5 points and finish second. This was a ride worth $2,500 and before that, his Round 1 ride put him seventh to bring in another $650.

Standings via are accurate as of Thursday, June 20 at 12 PM ET.