PRCA Heeler Standings Update, Feb. 28: San Antonio Champion Colter Todd Moves into Top 5


Rebecca Cornelius

Significant shifts have taken place in the PRCA World Standings as heelers such as Colter Todd, Hunter Koch and Sid Sporer move into the Top 15 after cashing out in San Antonio and Tucson.

1. Jake Long, $46,848

Jake Long has 13 National Finals Rodeo qualifications under his belt and is setting himself up for another great season as he leads the PRCA World Standings with $46,848 in earnings. Long and his partner Clint Summers roped in a total of $17,500 each at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. The duo followed up with third-place check at the La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros as they claimed the No. 3 spot in the Average, pulling a check for a total of $10,295.

5. Colter Todd, $29,646

Colter Todd was catapulted into the Top 5 as he and header Derrick Begay cinched the coveted title at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Todd and Begay split the No. 1 spot in the Final Round with Jake Long and Clint Summers with a run of 3.8 seconds, however the duo took home the win with $22,500 in total earnings.

6. Hunter Koch, $27,770

The month of February was successful for Texas cowboy Hunter Koch as he advanced through to the Final Round in San Antonio where he and team roping partner Cody Snow split fourth-place. Koch pulled a check for $7,750 inside Frost Bank Center just before cashing in at La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros where the duo claimed the No. 1 spot in the Average with 10.3 seconds on two head. Koch added $10,095 to his total earnings in Tucson, placing him at No. 6 in the World Standings.

8. Sid Sporer, $22,214

Sid Sporer has made his way into the Top 10 as he sits No. 8 in the PRCA World Standings with $22,214 in earnings after capturing a check for $6,750 in San Antonio as he and his partner Tanner James advanced through to Semifinals 1. Sporer and Tee McLeod then secured the No. 4 spot in the Average to collect a total of $6,366 at the La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros.

World Rank Name Earnings
1.Jake Long $46,848
2.Levi Lord$36,593
3.Coleby Payne $35,318
4.Kaden Profili$29,897
5.Colter Todd$29,646
6.Hunter Koch$27,770
7.Wesley Thorp$26,158
8.Sid Sporer$22,214
9.Cole Curry$21,302
10.Tyler McKnight$20,232
11.Zack Mabry$19,656
12.Clay Green$19,475
13.Junior Nunes Nogueira$17,786
14.Ryan Motes $17,766
15.Trey Yates$17,689
16.Paul Eaves$17,542
17.Calgary Smith$16,303
18.Jace McDaniels$16,272
19.Evan Arnold$16,245
20.Ross Ashford$15,823

Standings courtesy of on Feb. 28 at 3:30 PM EST.