PRCA Bull Riding Standings Update, Sept. 14: Stetson Wright Continues Torrid Stretch of Bull Riding

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Entering the month of September, Stetson Wright had earned just under $225,000 on the year. Now, just two weeks later, Wright has passed the $300,000 mark after an incredible stretch of riding. Wright has opened up a $75,000 lead over Josh Frost, who holds the No. 2 spot in the Bull Riding World Standings.

Moving down the standings, Cullen Telfer and Jared Parsonage are No. 14 and No. 15 in the World Standings and separated by just $500. They are both fending off Jestyn Woodward who sits in 17th place and $5,000 back.

No. 1. Stetson Wright, $305,309

It has been an incredible two weeks of riding for Wright who has earned over $50,000 since the start of the month. This last weekend Wright took home the title at the Pendleton Xtreme Bulls Tour Finale. Wright won three of four rounds at the Finale including the Finals where he was marked 89 points. Wright took the average by nine points after scoring 263.5 points on three head. In total, he won $30,000 at the X Bulls event.

No. 9 Hayes Weight, $144,279

Hayes Weight enters the Top 10 in the PRCA Bull Riding World Standings after a week in which he earned $16,000. Weight earned over $5,000 at the Lewiston Xtreme Bulls with a second-place finish. Weight followed that up with a second-place finish at the Lewiston Roundup to earn an additional $3,000. Moving to Pendleton, Weight finished sixth in the Average at the Xtreme Bulls Finale and earned nearly $5,000.

No. 14 Cullen Telfer, $123,720

A week ago Cullen Telfer was sitting at No. 16 in the world and $3,000 outside of the coveted No. 15 slot. A lot has changed in the last week. Telfer took the New Mexico Xtreme Bulls to earn nearly $7,000 after a 90-point ride. He also cashed a check at the Pendleton Xtreme Bulls Tour Finale after a fourth-place finish in Round 4. The 85-point ride earned him $3,000.

No. 15 Jared Parsonage, $123,415

Parsonage was jumped by Cullen Telfer but still remains inside the Top 15 after earning just over $2,000 at the New Mexico State Fair Xtreme Bulls. Parsonage is looking to hold off Jestyn Woodward who dropped from No. 15 to No. 16 in the standings. Heading into Pendleton, Parsonage has a narrow $5,000 lead over Woodward.

No. 16 Jestyn Woodward, $117,415

Woodward has dropped out of the Top 15 after a rough stretch of riding in which he has failed to cash a check on seven of his last 10 rides. Woodward’s most recent check came at the Lewiston Roundup where he placed fifth and earned just over $1,000. The rookie is competing this week in Pendleton where he will need to cash a check to keep pace in the NFR race.

1.Stetson Wright$305,309
2.Josh Frost$229,478
3.Ky Hamilton$220,721
4.Tristen Hutchings$174,489
5.Trey Holston$170,289
6.Creek Young$150,120
7.T Parker$148,694
8.Trey Kimzey$145,694
9.Hayes Weight$144,279
10.Sage Kimzey$142,738
11.Jordan Hansen$135,535
12.Cody Teel$135,024
13.Jeff Askey$134,039
14.Cullen Telfer$123,720
15.Jared Parsonage$123,246
16.Jestyn Woodward$117,415
17.Trey Benton$101,380
18.JB Mauney$95,763
19.Ernie Courson$94,261
20.Trevor Reiste$92,913

Standings current as of on September 14, 2023 at 11:45 AM ET.