PRCA Bull Riding Standings Update, May 2: Creek Young Leads the Way after Texas Swing

With Stetson Wright and Ky Hamilton out and Sage Kimzey riding in the PBR, 2024 could mark a changing of the guard in bull riding

Creek Young

Eight of the current top 15 in the PRCA Bull Riding World Standings have been to one or zero NFRs in their career, with five of those eight searching for their first NFR appearance.

Its wide open in the bull riding this year and at the top is three-time NFR qualifier and RodeoHouston Champion, Creek Young, he leads the way as the only bull rider over $100,000 thanks to a strong showing throughout the Texas Swing.

No. 1 Creek Young, $107,917

There is no question how Young got to the top of the PRCA Standings. His win at RodeoHouston earned him nearly half of his current season earnings. Young rode just one of his first three bulls in Houston, but took advantage in the Semis with an 82.5-point ride which advanced him to the Finals.

In the Finals, Young went 87 points to get the win and earn the big payday of $50,000. During the Texas Swing, he was 12-for-17 overall.

Young has only ridden four times since Houston and he has earned three nice paydays. He placed second at the Ozark Empire Pro Rodeo (Missouri) for $1,000, and most recently placed fourth in the Average at the George Paul Memorial Xtreme Bulls (Texas) to make over $7,000.

No. 2 Clayton Sellars, $87,911

Sellars added to his earnings in a big way at the San Angelo Xtreme Bulls. He opened the rodeo with an 84.5-point ride before going 88.5 points in the Finals. That brought his total to 173 on two head which won him the average as well as the Final performance.

In total, Sellars earned more than $14,700 at the Xtreme Bulls event.

Earlier in the Texas Swing, Sellars took home the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo title with a 90.5-point ride in the Finals. Sellars went 5-for-5 at the rodeo with every ride being at least 83.5 points.

No. 3 Roscoe Jarboe, $72,027

Much like Sellars, Jarboe’s season got a big boost at an Xtreme Bulls event. For Jarboe, it was the recent George Paul Memorial, where he placed second after going 174 on two and the Clovis Xtreme Bulls, where he was 171.5 on two to win the event. Those two bull ridings, which both came in the last week of April, combined to pay him more than $20,000.

No. 4 Hayes Weight, $71,935

Weight’s best payday of late came at the San Angelo Cinch Chute-Out where he took home the title thanks to a 90.5-point ride in the Finals. Weight earned $12,500 with the win it allowed him to jump into the Top 5.

Weight also had a good showing at the Clark County Fair and Rodeo (Nevada) in mid-April where he placed second and won just over $5,400 and the Clovis Rodeo on April 28 where he took second with an 86.5-point ride to make $4,700.

No. 5 Josh Frost, $66,732

Frost had two very lucrative rides at the George Paul Memoril. He was 88 in Round 1 and then took the Finals with a 91-point ride. That ride also got him the average at 179 on two. Frost won over $15,000 at the George Paul and went from outside the Top 20 to inside the Top 5. Prior to that, Frost made more than $5,000 at Rodeo Austin and the Wharton County Youth Fair (Texas) in March.

No. 6 Chase Dougherty, $60,129

Dougherty is looking to make it back to the NFR for the first time since he finished No. 2 in the World in 2018. He recently took home the title at the Clovis Rodeo after an 88.5-point ride. The win earned him just under $9,000.

Dougherty followed that up with a strong showing at the George Paul where he placed third in the opening round and fifth in the Average, earning him over $4,000.

In February, he also picked up a win worth almost $15,000 for sweeping La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros (Arizona).

No. 7 Luke Mast, $58,592

Mast is looking to make his first NFR appearance this season and is in a great spot to do so after the Texas Swing.

His biggest win came at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Xtreme Bulls where he took home the buckle thanks to an 86-point ride. That ride earned him $20,000, the biggest check of both his year and career.

No. 8 Dustin Boquet, $56,663

Boquet has made over $10,000 in the last two weeks thanks to a win at the Rocky Mountain Rodeo Challenge (Utah) and a second-place finish in the opening round of San Angelo.

Boquet, who is healthy for the first time in several years, also won $9,000 at the Xtreme Bull Bash in Lufkin, Texas and $6,750 in Houston in March.

No. 9 Jace Trosclair, $51,413

You have to go back to mid-March to find Trosclair’s most recent run of success. He placed third in at the Rio Grande Valley Xtreme Bulls (Texas) and the rodeo. He also won more than $2,300 at the Lufkin Bull Bash and Rodeo Austin in March. His biggest payday of the 2024 season ($9,761) came back in November of 2024 at the Southeastern Circuit Finals,

No. 10 JR Stratford, $51,193

Stratford has been on fire of late, earning checks of over $1,000 in seven of his last nine rides. The streak started in mid-March with an 85-point ride at the Southeastern Livestock Exposition (Alabama) where he earned $3,000.

His biggest wins of the stretch was at the Lawton Xtreme Bulls (Oklahoma) where he placed second and made over $7,000 with an 89-point ride and the Long Round in San Angelo, where he rode for 90.

No. 11 Cody Teel, $48,336

Teel hasn’t had much luck of late, with his last big payday coming at Rodeo Austin in the beginning of March where he placed third in the second round after an 84.5-point ride. The ride earned him over $3,600. Earlier in the Texas Swing, Teel won $25,000 for grabbing first in Fort Worth.

No. 12 TJ Gray, $46,434

Like Teel, Gray hasn’t had a lot of success lately, with his last check coming at RodeoHouston. It was a big one in Houston where he earned over $15,000. He banked $7,500 alone for making the Finals, but was unable to capitalize on the opportunity, getting bucked off. Outside of Houston, Gray also made more than $10,000 for cracking the Finals of the National Western (Colorado) in January.

No. 13 Tristen Hutchings, $45,487

Hutchings has had three checks over $1,000 since mid-March. The first came at the Still Creek Stampede (Texas) where he got a win thanks to an 89-point ride. The win added over $1,300 to his season earnings.

Hutchings followed that up with a third-place finish at the Wharton County Fair (Texas) which made him another $3,500.

The final check of the stretch came at the Lawton Xtreme Bulls where he placed seventh and earned another $1,300.

No. 14 Brody Yeary, $45,388

Yeary’s biggest win of the year came at the Dixie National Rodeo (Mississippi) by riding for 90 points to earn the win. The title put him into a race for his first NFR.

No. 15 Jake Lockwood, $44,902

Lockwood has burst onto the scene of late with two big paydays since the beginning of April. The first came at the High Desert Stampede (Oregon) where he placed second with an 86-point ride. The ride won him over $4,700.

Lockwood’s next ride came at the Clark County Rodeo where he took home a win after a 90.5-point ride. The win added another $7,000 to his season total, propelling him to the No. 15 spot.

No. 16 Cooper James, $44,255

James is the top rookie in the PRCA Bull Riding World Standings with over $44,000 earned on the year. He had a strong showing at the George Paul Memorial Xtreme Bulls where he placed third in the average thanks to an 87.5-point ride in the Finals.

No. 17 Trey Holston, $42,660

Holston is another cowboy who benefited from a nice showing at the George Paul. He placed third in the Average after going 86 in the opening round and 85.5 in the finals. The two rides brought his average total to 171.5 on two, which was good for second place. In total, he earned nearly $7,500 which was the third most of any bull rider at the event.

Holston has four wins on the season at three of them have been at Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeos.

No. 18 Maverick Smith, $40,395

Smith’s best showing of late came at the Clovis Rodeo where he was 86 points to finish fifth. The ride earned him over $2,300. In the beginning of March, Smith got his biggest win of the season when he tied Dustin Boquet at the Lufkin Xtreme Bull Bash to win more than $9,000.

No. 19 Lukasey Morris, $40,076

Morris placed third at the Rocky Mountain Rodeo Challenge which earned him over $3,000. The payday was his best in a month, coming after a $6,000 payday at the aArvelous Xtreme Bull Madness.

No. 20 Jeter Lawrence, $39,473

Lawrence’s best showing of late came at the Rio Grand Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo with an 85-point ride and third-place finish. The ride earned him over $2,500.

Standings current as of on May 2, 2024 at 3:00 PM EST.