PRCA Bull Riding Standings Update, July 10: Josh Frost is the New No. 1

Josh Frost NFR


There is a new No. 1 in the PRCA Bull Riding Standings, with Josh Frost taking over Creek Young for the top spot. Frost is up to $145,000 earned this season and is holding a $4,000 lead over Young.

Here is a look at the top 20 in the Bull Riding Standings as we continue through the Summer Run.

No. 1 Josh Frost, $144,955

Frost started making his move in the standings at the end of June when he won the Cody Stampede Xtreme Bulls with an 89-point ride. The win earned Frost over $12,000. His success in Cody wasn’t done. Frost placed second at the rodeo with an 85.5-point ride which brought his earnings on the weekend to just under $20,000.

Over Cowboy Christmas, Frost placed second at the Livingston Roundup Rodeo and the Independence Day Rodeo in Oakley. Those finishes combined to earn him over $7,000.

No. 2 Creek Young $141,177

Creek Young has been in the top spot for the majority of the season, but a recent charge from Josh Frost has Young in the No. 2 spot and $4,500 back of Frost. While Young has been caught in the standings, he still has big paydays of late. Young earned over $8,000 in Reno after placing second in a round and finishing fifth in the average.

Since Reno, Young has earned two checks, the first came at the West of the Pecos Rodeo where he finished second with an 86.5-point ride. Young also placed fourth at the Greeley Stampede. In total, the two runs earned Young nearly $5,000.

No. 3 Clayton Sellars, $119,889

Sellars has had two big checks over the last two weeks, the first coming at the Cody Stampede Xtreme Bulls where he finished fourth after an 81-point ride. The ride earned him over $3,200. Sellar’s next big win came at the Black Hills Roundup where he placed second and made over $5,700 with an 85.5-point ride.

No. 4 Chase Dougherty, $111,107

Dougherty has been nothing short of great over the last two weeks. He is 5 for his last 6 in rides and all five of those checks earned him a nice payday. The stretch started in Cody where he placed fourth in the Xtreme Bulls event. He then placed third in St. Paul and second at the Independence Day Rodeo. His final check of the run came at the Western Stampede where he got the win. Overall, he earned around $20,000 in those five rides.

No. 5 Hayes Weight, $109,346

Hayes Weight has not cashed a check since the Greeley Stampede where he won a round and placed second in the average. In total, he took home over $7,000 in Greeley.

No. 6 Tristen Hutchings, $91,877

Hutchings’ last payday came at the Reno Rodeo, and it was a big one. Hutchings swept the rodeo, winning the Long Round, the Finals, and the Average. In total, he won over $23,000 at the rodeo.

No. 7 Jace Trosclair $87,612

Trosclair has had two checks since the start of July, the first of which came at the St. Paul Rodeo where he placed fifth and won $2,500. His second check at the Rodeo Roundup in Roundup, Montana. He took home the rodeo title and made over $3,400.

No. 8 T.J. Gray, $87,187

Gray has four checks over $1,000 since the start of July including an $11,000 payday. The first check came at the Home of the Champions Xtreme Bulls where he was 86 points to finish third and earn over $3,000. The next check was the big one. Gray won the St. Paul Rodeo with an 85.5-point ride to earn over $11,000. Gray would go on to cash two more checks, one at the Independence Day Rodeo and the other came at the Basin City Freedom Rodeo.

No. 9 Trey Kimzey, $82,735

Kimzey has not cashed a check in July, but his most recent one, which came at the end of June, was a big one. He placed second at the Cody Stampede to earn just over $9,000.

No. 10 JR Stratford, $82,674

Stratford placed fifth at the Oakley Xtreme Bulls with an 86.5-point ride that earned him over $3,000. It is his only check of July.

No. 11 Roscoe Jarboe, $79,047

Jarboe has not cashed a check since the beginning of June where he placed third at the Livermore Rodeo where he was 84 points and earned just over $2,100.

No. 12 Cooper James, $76,135

James had a great Cowboy Christmas that helped him climb to No. 12 in the world. He placed second at the Western Stampede with an 84-point ride. The second-place finish earned James over $4,000. His next check came at the Oakley Xtreme Bulls Tour where he placed fourth with an 87-point ride on Top Gun. His ride earned him another $4,700.

No. 13 Trey Holston, $73,512

Holston only has one ride in July, but it was a big one. He took the title at the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott with an 88-point ride. The win earned him just over $8,000 towards his season earnings.

No.14 Luke Mast, $73,078

Mast earned his first paycheck of July over the weekend at the Oakley Xtreme Bulls where he placed seventh with an 81-point ride to earn just over $1,700.

No. 15 Maverick Smith, $71,369

Smith’s last check came at the Reno Rodeo Xtreme Bulls where he took home the average after rides of 85 and 89 points. In total, Smith earned just over $17,000.

No. 16 Brody Yeary, $70,732

Yeary earned one check over Cowboy Christmas at the Mandan Rodeo Days. Yeary took home the title on Trump Train with an 86.5-point ride to earn over $6,000.

No. 17 Jeter Lawrence, $68,488

Lawrence has had a great first half of July, earning two big checks along the way. The first check came at the Cody Stampede where he was crowned champion after an 87.5-point ride. The win earned Lawrence over $10,000. Lawrence’s second check came at the Western Stampede where he placed second and made just over $4,200.

No. 18 Lukasey Morris, $68,104

Morris made a big jump in the standings over the weekend thanks to a huge payday at the Oakley Xtreme Bulls. Morris won the rodeo with a 90-point ride on Midnight Special. The big ride won Morris more than $12,000, the biggest win of the season for him.

No. 19 Tyler Bingham, $67,087

Like Morris, Bingham made a jump in the standings thanks to a big ride at the Oakley Xtreme Bulls. Bingham placed third at the rodeo with an 87.5-point ride which earned him over $7,300.

No. 20 Wacey Schalla, $62,646

Schalla’s last check came at the Reno Rodeo in late June where he won the second round and placed sixth in the average.