PRCA Bull Riding Standings Update, Aug. 30: Stetson Wright Holds No. 1 Spot Heading to Final Month of Season

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jackie jensen

The top three in Bull riding have had the same names for a large portion of the season. That includes Stetson Wright, who has held on to the No. 1 spot in the standings for several months. Ky Hamilton has begun to separate himself from Josh Frost in the No. 2 spot, now leading by $10,000.

As we enter the final month of the 2023 regular season, here is a look at the top 20 in the PRCA Bull Riding World Standings.

No. 1 Stetson Wright, $224,423

Stetson Wright has been a model of consistency throughout his career. That remains true over the course of the 2023 season as Wright has held the top spot for the majority of the season. Wright has slowed down his rodeoing over the last two weeks with his most recent big win coming on August 12 where he placed second at the Summit County Fair and Rodeo to earn over $3,200. The day prior Wright earned another $1,600 at the Cache County Fair and Rodeo.

Wright currently holds a $20,000 lead over traveling partner Ky Hamilton who is at just over $200,000 earned on the season.

No. 8 Trey Kimzey, $126,818

Trey Kimzey fell back to No. 13 in the world and was just $9,000 ahead of No. 15 a week ago. That did not last long, as Kimzey is back inside the top 10 after a massive week of riding. Kimzey won the Kitsap Stampede with an 87.5-point ride to earn over $5,700. Kimzey then went on to place third at the Kitsap Stampede Xtreme Bulls with an 87-point ride to earn just over $7,000.

1.Stetson Wright$224,423
2.Ky Hamilton$202,176
3.Josh Frost$192,702
4.Tristen Hutchings$162,547
5.Trey Holston$1150,686
6.Sage Kimzey$142,738
7.Jeff Askey$132,936
8.Trey Kimzey$126,818
9.Cody Teel$120,396
10.Creek Young$118,077
11.Jordan Hansen$116,749
12.Jestyn Woodward$115,979
13.Cullen Telfer$111,742
14.Hayes Weight$111,186
15.Jared Parsonage$111,071
16.T Parker$100,849
17.Ernie Courson$94,261
18.JB Mauney$92,142
19.Trevor Reiste$91,199
20.JC Mortensen$87,075

Standings via are accurate as of 1 PM ET on Thursday, Aug. 30.