PBR World Finals Standings Update

The PBR World Finals are well underway at Dickies Arena and some of the top athletes are leading in the standings.

In the World Finals Standings, Cody Jesus is sitting at No. 1 with 268.25 points, right above João Ricardo Vieira, Jose Vitor Leme, and Daylon Swearingen.

Despite sitting in the fourth spot for the Event Standings, Daylon Swearingen remains the No. 1 Bull Rider in the PBR World Standings with a 17 point lead.

The Bull Race is on as well with Ridin Solo, Woopaa, and Pookie Holler in the top three with the highest scores of the weekend.

The final rounds of the PBR World Finals will take place May 19-22 to continue the action in Dickies Arena.


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